Flash Fiction

I woke up this morning thinking I might try something new. New to me, that is. I’ve read about flash fiction, but never gave it a thought. I just thought the stories would be nothing more than mini short stories. That’s easy to say. Writing the thing is not quite that easy.

If I understand it correctly, flash fiction is a story of somewhere in the neighborhood of just a few words to something not greater than around 2,000 words. I get the feeling that the fewer words, the better. I’ve seen some contests that put a 300 word limit on submissions, so that is what I sat my goal at. Then I wrote.

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Death At Grand Canyon

Over The EdgeDue to the recent deaths at the Grand Canyon, three in eight days, I am now seeing this article online. I don’t know if this is where the story originated, but I’ve seen it in several different publications. It discusses the different ways people have died at the Grand Canyon.

May I suggest something? Read the article. Then, if you’d like to learn more, read on.

Grand Canyon Story as azcentral.com

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Music and Memories

Last night, while gazing up at a sky full of stars, the Milky Way clearly visible, I had the opportunity to witness the last burning glow of a few small meteorites as they blazed their way through the earth’s atmosphere. There were not a lot of them, but the half dozen I watched burn out seemed to bring to mind a time when life was much simpler. That thought led to all sorts of ideas rolling around in my mind, but the one that stood out among all the others was the idea that certain of our senses bring to mind memories of past times, both good and not-so good. Continue reading