There’s Always a Beginning

For me, the beginning of any project is usually the most difficult. What do I wish to accomplish? What path should I take to achieve the end result? How much effort do I want to put into the project? What kind of research will be involved? Will I need assistance along the way, and, if so, who should I ask for that assistance? Ultimately, what kind of estimate can I come up with for the final cost of the undertaking? Is this project more work than I am willing to put forth?

I took a little walk this morning and have come up with answers to all my questions. Walking helps me think sometimes. And, sometimes, it just adds to the questions I have. But, this morning I think I found some answers. This will be a project of love. My sole accomplishment is nothing more than pleasure on my part, and, hopefully, some sort of diversion from the mundane, everyday, existence we call life on your part. I hope to create an idea, or two, for you, maybe provide some information you did not know, probably stir up a few argumentative thoughts once in awhile, and even elicit a smile now and then. I’ll do whatever research I think necessary, ask for very little assistance, and hope not to spend too much money I don’t have. I’ll work at this only when I feel like working at it, and no more. If all this is not enough for you, then you should probably look elsewhere for whatever it is you are seeking. Continue reading