Are You Talking To Me?

36882343_2064023780338557_7199218812846080000_nYou should stop reading right now. This is not something that is going to leave you all warm and fuzzy inside. As a matter of fact, it’s probably going to piss you off. Frankly, I don’t care. I’m at the point in life that I don’t give a rat’s ass who I upset, when I upset them, or how I upset them. I’ll speak my mind and, maybe, deal with the consequences another day. Or, maybe not.

Are you still with me? Wow. That didn’t hurt, did it? That’s too bad. Just be aware that I warned you. Continue reading


How Can I Have a Problem?

P6244776_Fotor.jpgI’m not sure where I heard this, or maybe I read it somewhere, but if you have a problem that you need to work through, a good way to begin is to talk it out. Right now there’s no one to talk to about this debilitating issue I have going on, except myself, and I’m getting pretty bored with what I have to say. I thought that if I just shared it with you, it might help. Maybe someone can assist me in finding a solution.

I’ve decided, though, that if I spend another couple of weeks on the Kaibab Plateau, this problem of mine could disappear. With the quiet nights, the clean air, and the breeze meandering its way through the swaying trees, leaving in its wake the quaking voice of the aspen and the gentle dance of the pines, you’re probably wondering how I could have a problem. The birds wake me each morning with their song, and again serenade me each evening as we watch the day fade into night. How can I have a problem? Right? Continue reading

What Is It You Want?

This is probably more words than you care to read. It doesn’t matter if 10 people read this, or 1,000 people read this, or 1,000,000 people read this, I’m wagering that half of you won’t read to the end. I don’t mean skimming to the bottom of the page. I mean reading each word and digesting each meaning.

Of those that do actually read what I’ve written, my guess is that 20% will not understand what is here, 70% will not care, and of those that do care 98% will not do anything about it. That doesn’t leave very many of you, does it? So, why am bothering to write this? If I can influence one person, just one, to step outside the box, stroll off into a greater future and not look back, then I feel I have accomplished what I have set out to do. Continue reading