Your Life Depends On It

I haven’t been a very good predictor of the future, but I want to try my hand at it one more time:

****** If Trump wins the election, he will be impeached and, this time, convicted before the Fourth of July celebration. The only way he can save himself is if he is pardoned (whether he attempts a self-pardon, or resigns and gets the new president [Pence] to do the dirty deed [ala Ford pardoning Nixon] it’s the only way I see it for him to save himself from a charge in federal court).

****** If Biden wins, he will serve less than three years of his term. He will resign for health reasons, or be forced out of office for health/cognitive reasons.

Folks, it all comes down to this: who do you want to see as president, Pence or Harris?

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Can You Answer These Questions?

It’s time to answer the questions I’ve been thinking about for quite awhile: What if reincarnation is real and when you come back you have to answer for the life you’ve led today? How do you pay for those things you’ve purchased today? How do you atone for those things you’ve allowed to occur in this world?

The way our culture is, we tend to live life the way we want, now, and then expect to pay for it tomorrow, or by someone else. For us, though, tomorrow never comes. Our debt is not paid by us, but by those that follow us. Some say our debt is forgiven. Is it?

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Where Do I Raise My Kids?

700-R1-17-6A_018_FotorI’ve been thinking long and hard about where I should raise my children. The seashore sounds great, but I’m not much of a water guy. They might be when they get older, but right now I don’t think they would get much benefit from it. I know I won’t.

How about the desert? Now there’s someplace I could get into. But, suppose they don’t like it. What then? It will be several years before they can have any say in the matter, and maybe by then they will see things the way I do.

I know. The mountains. I’ll bet they would like that. Too many trees for me, though. And then there are the bears. Maybe my children will want to climb trees and chase bears. I think they’ll have to wait until they’re adults to tackle those things, because they’re not getting a chance at bear chasing on my watch. Continue reading