Where Do I Raise My Kids?

700-R1-17-6A_018_FotorI’ve been thinking long and hard about where I should raise my children. The seashore sounds great, but I’m not much of a water guy. They might be when they get older, but right now I don’t think they would get much benefit from it. I know I won’t.

How about the desert? Now there’s someplace I could get into. But, suppose they don’t like it. What then? It will be several years before they can have any say in the matter, and maybe by then they will see things the way I do.

I know. The mountains. I’ll bet they would like that. Too many trees for me, though. And then there are the bears. Maybe my children will want to climb trees and chase bears. I think they’ll have to wait until they’re adults to tackle those things, because they’re not getting a chance at bear chasing on my watch. Continue reading

What The Hell Am I Paying For?

105328002_2361424180827766_5174902614749064381_nAs usual, I had a little trouble sleeping last night, and when I got up I had a thought in mind that I’d like to share. Actually, it was a question I’d like an answer to.

Each month, as I shell out money for my health insurance I wonder what the hell am I paying for. I visit a medical professional once a year just so he can tell me that I need to take better care of myself. I let a young lady draw blood from me just so that she can pass along information to the aforementioned medical professional so that he’s got proof that I need to take care of myself. Year after year, he keeps telling me something I already know. I politely listen to him and then go home and continue to live the way I’ve been living for many years. It seems to have done me okay so far. Continue reading

And, The Answer Is…?

IMG_20181110_150215991_FotorHow we see the world and our place in it defines who we are. Not only that, it influences how other people see us and who they think we are. It also determines how they relate to us and how we relate to them. Not everyone is the same. We all know that. So we should not expect that we relate to everyone in the same way.

Like me, I’m sure you’ve heard of the Golden Rule. It’s been handed down through history so that we might be given the opportunity to live a better life. It impacts how we treat others and how they treat us. Our relationships are greatly influenced by this rule and even more so by how we think of ourselves in comparison to others. Continue reading