Is There Time?

I’ve been wondering if there is still time to live up to a promise that was made. It’s going to be close. Cutting it this close to the wire is…well, shall we say foolish? The following was broadcast in November, 2016. As you well know, 3 1/2 years later these promises have not been kept. Is there still time? Continue reading

Barbecue Season Begins

imagesMonday is Memorial Day. This is the first weekend of barbecuing. Monday is the unofficial first day of summer and is the day I will be hearing way too many people wishing me a “Happy Memorial Day.” Three years ago I wrote a blog as a way of educating a few, very few. So many people do not understand what the day is all about. Should we blame their parents, grandparents, or teachers? Should we blame them for not knowing what this day represents? How soon will it be that people have forgotten the significance of December 7th, or even September 11th? All I can say is party on, but please do not wish me a happy day. To me there is nothing happy about someone giving up their life so that I may live free. Continue reading

Pete And His Gopher (Part 3)


Folks, we should have called it a day when we signed our citations. But, we didn’t. We were just getting started. After all the excitement, I’m sure the old busybody on the northeast corner of Oak and Maple was all tuckered out and down for a nap. If she was, she didn’t stay there.

Shotgun shells have a quantity of gunpowder that Pete figured we could use. He had seen it on TV, whereby some genius of a guy had used the black substance as a fuse to ignite a larger pile of gunpowder, creating an explosion. Pete didn’t want an explosion to blow up the gopher, but he figured that burning gasoline would be more toxic than just the fumes that were confined to the gopher’s underground home. It sounded plausible to me. Continue reading