Lonely Dace


This partial government shutdown is now into its fourth week. We have not seen the worst of it. We see, read, and hear the stories about the government employees not working and those that are being forced to–without pay. They will eventually get paid, but in the meanwhile they’re not feeding the economy like they normally would. That’s three quarters of a million paychecks not being cashed. Then, there’s the trickle down affect. Put it all together and you get a problem. When it all finally has a noticeable affect on the economy, then we’ll really hear and see the stories.

I don’t want to talk about the shutdown right now. Well, maybe I do a little bit. Just the little bit that brings sadness to the Moapa Dace. I walked down to say hi this morning and wound up in the front of an inquisition–mine. Those little fellers were a bit upset. They grilled me like I’ve never been grilled. They even forced me to take a video of their demands. I don’t speak Dace (maybe you do), but body language alone says it all: Continue reading

Do These Words Still Hold True?

kinderRobert Fulghum, in his book All I Really Need To Know I Learned In Kindergarten, brought to light something that all of us who attended kindergarten probably learned, but, most likely, have forgotten. As we get older we tend to put aside some of those things that we learned earlier, since they do not apply to us now that we are adults. I’d like to share these words with you, here, and let you decide if only some of these things apply, or, just maybe, they all still do: Continue reading

Who’s on Strike?


I read that Mr. Trump wants to now call this partial government shutdown a strike. That got me to thinking. What is a strike, anyway?

Dictionary.com defines a strike as “a concerted stopping of work or withdrawal of worker’s services, as to compel an employer to accede to workers’ demands or in protest against terms or conditions imposed by an employer.” Yep, that’s what I always thought a strike was. Continue reading