Two Old Guys and A Goat

This might not be appropriate for young minds.

I’ve heard it said that you cannot have truly experienced life without suffering a little pain along the way. I don’t remember who said it, where I heard it, or even if I did hear it. Maybe I read it. I could have just dreamed it up one night. That’s highly doubtful, though, since I seldom remember those thoughts that race through my mind during those short periods of time commonly referred to as sleep. Whatever, it’s stuck with me.

Okay, let’s just forget about the pain. No, let’s not forget about the pain. Pain doesn’t have to be physical, you know. I think that the definition of pain alluded to in the first sentence should be that feeling we can only think of as completely opposite of the feeling of joy. We all know what that feels like, don’t we? Hold on, Dave. Not that Joy. The joy I’m referring to is with a little ‘j’, not a capital one. You know, the joy of a snow-cone in the park in the middle of the summer, while the sounds of children playing fill the air. That’s joy. Just me, the snow-cone, laying in the shade of a big tree so I don’t have to move often as the sun drifts slowly across a clear blue sky, while listening to the delightful squeals of children without a care in the world. Now you get the picture. The pain I’m talking about is the opposite of that feeling.

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And, The Answer Is…?

IMG_20181110_150215991_FotorHow we see the world and our place in it defines who we are. Not only that, it influences how other people see us and who they think we are. It also determines how they relate to us and how we relate to them. Not everyone is the same. We all know that. So we should not expect that we relate to everyone in the same way.

Like me, I’m sure you’ve heard of the Golden Rule. It’s been handed down through history so that we might be given the opportunity to live a better life. It impacts how we treat others and how they treat us. Our relationships are greatly influenced by this rule and even more so by how we think of ourselves in comparison to others. Continue reading

Shall We Play It Again, Sam?

DogFaceLet’s take a walk back in time, just you and me. We’ll enjoy a stroll through the annals of history, hand in hand we’ll meander along enjoying the beauty of our surroundings and the comfort of our past. It’ll be fun. Just a short walk. You won’t even have to pack a lunch. Hell, if we’re gone that long, I’ll buy lunch. But, we eat at a joint of my choosing. Care to join me?

Close your eyes and open your mind. What you are about to see and experience is a part of our past that few care to visit. It might cause you to think. Then again, maybe it won’t. It could cause you to examine your own participation in the events in our past that we are about to confront. Then again, maybe it won’t. So, buckle up. It’s about to get real. Continue reading