On The Road

P6054381_Fotor.jpgYou can follow my journey by browsing to this map. I’ll attempt to keep it updated as I move from one location to another.

I’ve also put together a map of what I was doing before I started traveling like I am now. It covers from January 1, 2000 to May 1, 2018 (I’ve used the first of the month as a starting/ending date, although we both know that this would not be entirely correct). In order for a spot to be included on this map I had to have collected mail there, and in most cases actually held a paying job. If you, too, need a paying job while traveling, I’ve put together some information that might come handy: Working From The Road.

In all of the places I’ve called home through the years I was there for a minimum of one month, most times much longer. I enjoy spending an extended period of time in one place. I have plenty of time to explore the surrounding area, and even meet some of the locals. You will note that the dates are not all continuous. There are several gaps in my timeline. Those are times I was truly on the road. I wish I had kept track of the routes I have traveled and the places I have stopped, but those are for the stories I can tell, and the memories I can smile about.

Most of these entries have been featured in the blog section of this website, but I thought this might be an easier way for you to track my progress. With my forgetfulness this will also make it much quicker for me to determine where I am each day.

Follow a Wandering Fool as he wanders and wonders his way around, lost each morning, only to be found before the light of day makes way for the dark of night.

Bypass all those Fractured Thoughts blogs and go straight to the travel stuff:

Moapa Valley Wildlife Refuge, NV — Lonely Dace — January 14, 2019
Pahranagat Wildlife Refuge, NV — Life at Pahranagat — November 21, 2018
Pahranagat Wildlife Refuge, NV — Too Many Decisions — November 15, 2018
Pahranagat Wildlife Refuge, NV — Why, Oh Why, Do I Put Up With This? — November 6, 2018
Pahranagat Valley, NV — Great Basin Highway — October 31, 2018
Pahranagat Wildlife Refuge, NV — Ten Directions — October 24, 2018
Pahranagat Wildlife Refuge, NV — Pe ki uhme poo nee kay va — October 17, 2018
Pahranagat Wildlife Refuge, NV — Do I Move To Matamoros? — October 8, 2018
Pahranagat Wildlife Refuge, NV — Feet Sticking In Water — October 3, 2018
Hawthorne, NV — Whiskey Flats. Not Flat Whiskey. — September 28, 2018
Walker Lake, NV — Beat the Rush — September 17, 2018
Woodward Reservoir, CA — One For The Birds — August 14, 2018
Owens Valley to Oakdale, CA — Time To Catch Up — August 11, 2018
Owens Valley, CA (Manzanar) — Yosh — August 5, 2018
Lone Pine, CA — Grind Before Breathing — July 28, 2018
Grand Canyon, AZ — I Have To Share — July 21, 2018
Tusayan, AZ – Is My Problem Serious? — July 12, 2018
Kaibab Plateau, AZ – What’s Next? — July 9, 2018
Anywhere, USA – Working From The Road — July 6, 2018
Kaibab Plateau, AZ – A New Home Again — July 3, 2018
Kaibab Plateau, AZ – How Can I Have a Problem? — June 28, 2018
Kaibab Plateau, AZ – Does the Beer Have to be Cold? — June 21, 2018
Rhyolite, NV – Does a Bullfrog Jump? — June 15, 2018
Pahranagat Wildlife Refuge, NV – The Rabbit, The Coyote, and Me — June 9, 2018
Pahranagat Wildlife Refuge, NV – Have I Made Another Mistake — June 7, 2018
Rachel, NV – A Stay at Rachel — June 1, 2018
Rachel, NV – Alien Invasion — May 31, 2018
Walker Lake, NV – Do Snakes have to get a Permit to Carry? — May 24, 2018
Yerington, NV – A Sad Ending — May 18, 2018
Minden, NV – What a Morning — May 13, 2018
Fallon, NV – Why Irrigate on Wednesday? — May 10, 2018
Sand Mountain, NV – Why do I do This to Myself? — May 8, 2018
Sand Mountain, NV – What the Hell Happened? — May 6, 2018
Sand Mountain, NV – What was I Thinking? — May 4, 2018
CA Delta – In Search of The Fountain of Youth — April 15, 2018

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