My Stories

I self-published my first book in the summer of 2015. Passing Thoughts of A Wandering Fool came about because I needed something to do, and, with me, something to do usually means learning something new.

I’m an avid reader of subjects of all sorts. Basically, if it’s in print, I’ll probably read it. Since I enjoy reading, I thought I might enjoy putting my own publication out there to share with others. I had been reading digital works for many years, and it was only natural that I attempt that publish to that platform first. Thus, was born a short book of thoughts and ideas that had been gathering dust.

After Passing Thoughts came the first book in the Big Dog and Blondie Series, Dead Man’s Bounty. Close on its heels came another book of fiction, book number two in the series, Escape From Terlingua. From there, it’s been all uphill. Stories began piling up around the house, so I took it upon myself to start this blog, and continue to churn out short stories and books of much longer length, both fiction and non-fiction.

To date, I have several stories published under the name J.R. Wheeless and even a book of short stories under the name Teena Underwood (Too Young To Die). There’s more where those came from, so watch for new releases.

Currently, you can find all the books by J.R. Wheeless on Amazon. If you’re so inclined, browse over to the Books By J.R. Wheeless page on Amazon to see what is available. You might find something that interests you. If not today, maybe in a month or two.

There’s always something new in the works, so be on the lookout for new books as they come out. Also, be alert to price reductions throughout the year. If you visit my author FaceBook page occasionally, you may even find a giveaway, or two. Of course, you can always visit the Wandering Fool FaceBook page. No telling what you might find there.

I wrote a story that features a Texas singer/songwriter by the name of Kayla Ray (The Love I Leave Behind). The words of her songs speak of life, love, and heartache. Many people have asked me why I wrote the story, and how I came up with the words. I thought that it was a story that needed to be told, one that others might like to hear. You can read those words here.

I hope you enjoy my stories.