My Stories

I am a self published author, something they call an Indie Publisher, I guess. I just refer to myself as a self published author. That, I hope, will change soon. Every story I’ve published is better than the last. You only get better with practice, and I try to practice as often as I can.

Until I can find a publishing house worthy of my talent you can find my stories on Amazon. You can do a quick search for J.R. Wheeless books on amazon, or just click here: J.R. Wheeless Books.

The easiest way, though, to see what I’ve published is to just browse through the stories right here. Click on the icon and you will get to read a short sample of what is inside:

Pink UnderwearTwenty stories to choose from, and all the time in the world to make that choice. Read them in one setting, or over the course of several days, weeks, months. From Mayberry Park to A Day in Rio, the author will take you on a tour through a vacationland that travels from coffeehouses to roadhouses, from alien adventures to Sunday in church, and finally to places that live deep within your own psyche.

There’s Hamburger Dan’s, Escape to Freedom, and Roswell. They will make you forever think about the environment around you. The hamster, the bat, and the mallard will give you an understanding of a day in the life of our animal friends. And, there’s always the Lady in The Pink Underwear to bring you back to reality. (also available in paperback)


Join Pinky Anderson as he rides his steel pony across the western landscape of this great nation. Along the way he meets people like Willie, Carla, Izzy, and Jason. And, he’ll never forget Sadie. Oh, there’s Scary Larry, Large Marge, Skinny Sheila, Teardrop, Roach, Sandra, Dee, Mikey, Horace, and many more.

The last leg of his journey brings Pinky face to face with Achmed Morales, the homegrown terrorist intent on bring death and destruction to the citizens of this country.

Prepare yourself for a journey with a man who should never have left home. (also available in paperback)

The Nightmare Before Chistmas“I killed him. That was not my intention, but it surely was the result of my actions.

“It was another Christmas Eve. God, I hate the holidays. You’d think after nine years I’d be used to it all, but I’m not. Maybe I never will be. When you send your friends into the face of danger on a regular basis the stress begins to take its toll. Maybe last night was the final straw. I said that last year, though, didn’t I?”

Christmas Eve and a dispatcher’s worst nightmare. How does a person handle the stress and emotions from a job like this? Two hours on Christmas Eve might answer that question.

Six Days With THE AlienA young man attempts to make contact with an alien. He experiences surprising results.




Dean Man's BountyWhat does a man do when he and his dogs happen upon a body along the Mexican border? Next to it is a backpack full of money. Who does the money belong to? What lengths will they go to get it back?That adds to the dilemma he faces. Does he keep the money? Or, does he turn it over to the authorities? What kind of problems does this create for him and his friends? So many questions and so few answers. Follow the adventures of Big Dog, Blondie, Jack, Penny and Old Tom as they attempt to solve the problems they face in the West Texas heat.

Escape From TerlinguaWith a Mexican cartel and a motorcycle gang chasing them, Jack, Penny, Big Dog, Blondie, and Old Tom make a mad dash out of Terlingua. Follow their adventures as they make their way out of the ghost town in West Texas, and discover life in other parts of the country, staying one step ahead of trouble.


JacksonEveryday, there are men and women who make sacrifices for our freedom. Many of those men and women we will never know about, and, tragically, we will never think about. Barry Jackson is one of those people. He began his life like the rest of us, but somewhere along the way he found himself on a path that few wish to travel.

Mary Karpinski is a determined young lady. She has been a reporter for two years, and now she thinks she has found a story that will put her on the road to the career she’s always dreamed about.

Mary struggles with Jackson’s story, and, more importantly, her feelings for the man. She finds herself at a turning point in her life. The dilemma she faces, one that challenges her beliefs and morals, becomes a story all its own. Follow along as the tale unfolds around the lives of Barry Jackson and the young Mary Karpinski. Jackson’s story will lead Mary to the precipice of a life changing event, while altering his forever.

A Box of ShortsThis is a collection of short stories, some previously published, a couple not. Leading the way is the attention grabber “Hamburger Dan’s”. And, let’s not forget the disturbing “The Nightmare Before Christmas” There are also a number of entries from the Fractured Thoughts of a Wondering Fool blog. (also available in paperback)


A Day in RioA stranger arrives in town and meets Tambourine Tom and his magnificent sex stones. It’s a day the stranger will never forget.




Johnnie Did ItThe story of a little girl who cried Johnnie one too many times. [Parents, read this to your child, and then ask them what they think the moral of the story might be.]




BlancheThis short story is a fictional account surrounding events that occurred almost 100 years ago. A New York dancer travels to Northern Arizona, and makes a life for herself, and her husband, in a rugged land of high cliffs, endless sky, and wide open spaces. I hope you enjoy what my imagination has come up with.


Passing Thoughts of a Wandering FoolRandom thoughts from the mind of a modern day nomad




The Wandering Fool Thinks AgainThe Wandering Fool is at it again. Three years ago Passing Thoughts of a Wandering Fool became the first book published by J.R. Wheeless. It was a collection of past thoughts, and a rather small and crude publication, but it led the way.

This current morsel of twisted thoughts starts off in a rather macabre fashion, but they don’t stay that way. The words have a mind of their own. They sometimes just hop around and find a spots that are comfortable. Comfort does not always lead to relevancy or even understandability. They will be entertaining, though, if not educational.


Published under the name Teena Underwood

Too Young To DieThe mind is a powerful tool. When it is given direction it can accomplish much. When it is left to its own unabridged thoughts it can create moments of happiness and pleasure, or unbridled anxiety and fear. Given nothing but a limited amount of input from the other senses the mind will fabricate its own existence in the present, and create a future that could be, but never known. It can even alter the past as we remember it.

A young lady awakens to realize that she has been buried alive. Or, has she? Her thoughts are a jumbled mess. Confusion reigns supreme, knowing only that she will never see daylight again. Her mind begins to overtake her sense of physical life. She takes a trip through the stages of confusion, fear, depression, loss of hope, and more, only to be replaced with utmost joy when she hears her saviors coming for her.

Will they be in time?

Batteries Not IncludedFreddie and Lamont, two grave digging friends, have devised a plan to frighten the town banker. The plan does not go as they imagined it would.