Welcome to My Life

5/16/2020: I’ve now decided what I’m going to do with the rest of my life. Well, maybe not the rest of my life, but at least for the next few months. After that, it’s anybody’s guess. That’s why I enjoy living the way I do. I could be doing this or that, there, or there, or there. But, as you can see I’m never really all right here.

If you check back later, I might have gotten it all together by then.

You may not be able to find me where you think I might be when you think I might be there, but you can always find me on Facebook, well, sometimes you can.

About This Blog

This is a continuing work in progress. It is the ramblings of a wandering wondering fool with too much to say and not enough time to say it. Or, maybe too much time to get said what needs to be said at that particular time, and nothing really to say. Well, anyway you consider it, this blog is about what I have to say, when I want to say it, and not a moment before. Sometimes I’m a little late in getting it said, but it will get said, sooner or later.

The open road beckons

The open road beckons

2 thoughts on “Welcome to My Life

  1. I am at my brother, Larry, (scary Larry) home in Marble Canyon. I read your book, The Lady in the Pink Underwear. I will read Pinky Anderson next.

    I am showing Larry how great the internet can be. I told him I would go to your blog. He asked that I say hi to you.

    I “get” your writing style. As you know, Larry’s thought are like a continuous winding curved road that could lead any of us off a cliff if we do not stay focused but be ready for quick turn in his thought process. To try to respond to him I wonder, if like your style of writing, do I start with last meandering or where the conversation began.

    Kudos to people like you for writing a book chocked full of creativity, imaginary people and places.



    • Thanks, Pat. Tell Larry I said hi and would love to sit down with him and discuss the future of the world over a cold beer. Tell him to stay in touch. Email works great (jrwheeless@icloud.com).


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