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Privacy Policy

Okay. I have a question here, “What makes you think you have any privacy?” Think about that for a minute and then think about it again. With the advent of all this technology that is around us everywhere, our privacy has gone out the window. George Orwell was pretty damned close with what he wrote. He was just 50 years before his time. He got it right, but he was off on the year this was all going to happen. He also got it wrong with who was going to do it to us, too. It seems we’ve done it to ourselves. We don’t need Big Brother to watch after us. We have each other. But, when you put pen to paper during the late 1940’s I guess you have the right to miss your guess by a decade or two. If you haven’t read the book—pick it up and see if Mr. Orwell wasn’t a pretty good prognosticator—“1984”—ask for it at your favorite bookstore or local library.

Information Protection

I’ll protect any information you wish to share with me. In short, I can keep a secret. I’ve been doing it for years. I just expect you to do the same. But, you can share with anyone you like this website and anything you read here. However, if the authorities come knocking on your door, you’ve never heard of me.

How Information is Used

Don’t worry, I won’t blackmail you if you care to share your secrets. That is, unless you plan on committing a major crime. Then all bets are off.

Children’s Privacy

This website is not directed towards children under the age of 13. I will not tolerate any sort of child endangerment or abuse, either. If you are guilty of this, then this is when I will share your information with everyone I can (see above).

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You may, or may not, find links to other sites throughout these pages. I just want to let you know that once you go to another site you are bound by their privacy policy and not mine. Link away, but be forewarned.


I like cookies of all kinds, especially chocolate chip. I don’t care much for those little pieces of computer code they call cookies that attach to your computer, so that some organization out there can track where you’ve surfed and what you are up to. That just gives cookies a bad name. If you would like more information on that type of cookie dough, then surf on over to the Tor Project, or take a look at Ghostery, or some such web detective program. Google is bad about tracking you and what you are doing. Think about DuckDuckGo as your search engine.

Retention of Information

I have a severe case of CRS syndrome so there is nothing to worry about here. I have trouble remembering to get dressed in the morning, so me remembering much of anything about you is way too much to expect. Unless, of course, you put it in an email and then all bets are off (think General Petraeus here).

About This Blog

This is a continuing work in progress. It is the ramblings of a wondering fool with too much to say and not enough time to say it. Or, maybe too much time to get said what needs to be said at that particular time. Well, anyway you consider it, this blog is about what I have to say, when I want to say it, and not a moment before.