Major Sheep Means Major Trouble

What a night I’ve had. I just got home. And I’m glad to be here, even if I won’t be staying long. It all started yesterday because Jerry’s Bad Ass Barber Shop was closed. Who ever heard of a barber shop being closed on Wednesday?

I’m just passing through the area again, and I’ve been by Jerry’s a few times, but I never thought about checking the hours of operation at an honest to goodness barber shop. You don’t come across too many of those anymore. Being a fairly old guy, I’ve been in a few barber shops in my life. Now, I’m talking about an actual barber shop and not some fancy hair salon where some squirrelly guy runs off at the mouth while snipping a few hairs, and then tries to talk you into letting him put goop on your head to cover up his mistakes. Keep that in mind. All the actual barber shops, like Little Joe’s, Buena Vista, and Cedar City Cutters, have alway been closed on Sunday and Monday. Hours of operation have been ten to six, or thereabouts. The only time any of them have been closed on Wednesday has been when the barber was on vacation, and you always knew that well in advance. Typically it was around the start of hunting season or a weeklong fishing derby, things like that. Continue reading

Do These Words Still Hold True?

kinderRobert Fulghum, in his book All I Really Need To Know I Learned In Kindergarten, brought to light something that all of us who attended kindergarten probably learned, but, most likely, have forgotten. As we get older we tend to put aside some of those things that we learned earlier, since they do not apply to us now that we are adults. I’d like to share these words with you, here, and let you decide if only some of these things apply, or, just maybe, they all still do: Continue reading

Don’t Let The Media Fool You

The recent shooting in Thousand Oaks, once again, allowed the media to do something that has been bothering me more and more, as I get older and older. They linked the shooter with the fact that he was a veteran. They blasted it in big, bold letters in the headlines.

Sure, he served in Afghanistan, but so did a lot of others. He was a marine, but so were a lot of others. I don’t know, but he may have been in combat, but so were a lot of others. He may have had PTSD, but so have a lot of others. What in the hell does his veteran status have to do with the fact that he shot up a bar, and killed a dozen people? Continue reading

Ten Directions

IMG_20181018_115525414_HDR_Fotor.jpgOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIf you don’t remember, I’m currently volunteering at Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge. It is one of four National Refuges in Southern Nevada. I’ll be here until the end of November, and during the time that I am here I want to introduce you, and maybe get you interested in visiting, an oasis in the desert. To do that I will be sharing some photos with you as summer turns to autumn and transitions into winter. I’ll even sprinkle in a story or two now and then. Meanwhile, enjoy what I get to see daily. Continue reading

What’s On The Other Side of The Tracks?

“No one has the right to complain about life because no one is compelled to endure it.” (Edward Abbey)

IMG_20180829_153112430_Fotor.jpgThere is a significance to that statement that should be evident to everyone. If you do not understand that Mr. Abbey was simply pointing out the obvious solution to an ever present problem, do not read on. Or, maybe you should go back and read it again so that you do understand its importance, then read on, or not. Continue reading