Barbecue Season Begins

imagesMonday is Memorial Day. This is the first weekend of barbecuing. Monday is the unofficial first day of summer and is the day I will be hearing way too many people wishing me a “Happy Memorial Day.” Three years ago I wrote a blog as a way of educating a few, very few. So many people do not understand what the day is all about. Should we blame their parents, grandparents, or teachers? Should we blame them for not knowing what this day represents? How soon will it be that people have forgotten the significance of December 7th, or even September 11th? All I can say is party on, but please do not wish me a happy day. To me there is nothing happy about someone giving up their life so that I may live free. Continue reading

Don’t Believe A Girl Scout

s-l640It’s that time of year again, that time when Girl Scout cookies are sold, purchased, and consumed in mass quantities. Many of us wait expectantly all year long for those tables to be set up outside of stores and piled high with boxes of sugary confection. Or when someone at work passes around that sheet of paper where we are allowed to make a commitment to spend our hard earned cash on a few boxes of sumptuous morsels of delight. Like I have done for many years, I succumbed to the pressures of a little girl (it didn’t take much) when I exited the grocery store. I purchased my usual. And I’ll probably do the same again the next time I walk out the exit door of the supermarket, tomorrow, the day after that, and the day after that. Like so many others, I can’t seem to stop once I start. The worse part is that I am forced to go cold turkey when the cookies run out. Continue reading