Did I Make a Good Deal, or What?


What a day I had yesterday. You probably read about part of it on this blog, but let me tell you about the part you missed out on. It’s definitely something I was glad not to miss. (Sorry, Jerry. No pictures to this post. My guess is that you’ll have plenty of them streaming through your brain before you get to the end.)

Let me refresh your memory. I rolled out of bed yesterday morning to icicles hanging from my beard. You remember the beard, right? Okay, maybe it wasn’t that cold, but it was cold enough to make me move faster than a ten year old who just stole a dimes worth of candy. That’s not a very good analogy, is it? It was 39 degrees at 5:30. How’s that? It was cold enough to have me yelling at the coffee to hurry up and brew itself. That didn’t work, but I think the expenditure of energy helped warm things up a bit while I waited for the furnace to do its job and the caffeine prepare itself for consumption. Continue reading

A Day in Rio

I just published the complete story of Tambourine Tom. You can piece it all together on this blog under the Tambourine Tom category or pick up a copy from Amazon. If you are an Amazon Prime member or have Kindle Unlimited you are able to read it from beginning to end free of charge. Hope you like the story.