Pinky Prologue

I first met Pinky Anderson in the second grade. We sat next to one another in Mrs. Lewinsky’s class. I knew at seven years old that Pinky was destined for a challenging life. He just had that air about him.

Even though we grew up in the same small town, and lived across the street from one another for several years, we were never really close. Pinky was…well, Pinky. Growing up, he was the kid that no one liked, but didn’t know why they didn’t like him. He was always chosen last to be on any team sport, and then left on the bench where he couldn’t do any damage. The other kids didn’t tease him as you might have thought they would. They just ignored him. Continue reading

Killing Jesus

How do you think you’d react if everything you’ve ever been taught about something was proven false? As we progress further into the future and continue to uncover more of our past things that we once took for granted are being challenged.

Just the other day I finished reading a book that could be viewed by some as quite challenging. Others wouldn’t think so. The authors took on a topic that few venture to tackle. Thousands of years of belief are at stake, and they did not shy from the task. Many who have challenged those beliefs have not fared well. Without realizing it, they have embraced Pascal’s Wager, and it has saved them from ruin, or death. Continue reading


IMG_20180531_123200300_HDR_FotorMy name is Horace Bentley. All the kids around here call me Pops. My friends call me Horace. You can call me Mr. Bentley.

You’re not the first one to ask about my life, and more specifically, my little adventure. I would love it if you were the last. I’m getting pretty tired of not telling the story. I don’t even get halfway through not telling it, and I can see the doubt in their eyes. Are you going to be the same way? Because, if you are, you can just leave right now. I’m not going to tell you the story. I’ll tell it to someone else.

Anyway, it’s not a story. It’s the goddam truth. I should know. I was there. Continue reading