Large Marge


I was hoping to have Pinky Anderson and the Traveling Flea Circus completed by now, but it seems our hero is easily sidetracked. So, I’m sharing with you another part of his adventure. The man has missed out on so much in his lifetime. It seems he has a lot of catching up to do.

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’37’ Club

I have posted the rules to a club that Pinky Anderson, at one time, was a member of. I just thought you might like to get in on a little of the fun.

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Pinky and Willie

“Hey, barkeep. How about setting us up with a couple more longnecks?” Willie yells down the length of the bar to the woman in a low cut top who is ringing money into the cash register. She looks the old man’s way and nods, acknowledging his request.

When she finishes with the transaction at the register, dropping a $2.00 tip into the jar sitting next to it, the busty brunette behind the bar retrieves two longneck Bud Lights, pulls the churchkey from the right rear pocket of the painted on Wranglers she wears, and saunters down to where Willie and Pinky sit, perched on the stools at the “L” in the bar, one man on each side of the ninety degree turn. As she pops the top on the beers, and sits each one in front of the two drinkers on the other side of the wooden top, she says, “You boys aren’t from around here, are you?” Continue reading