More Thoughts on Life

I’ve written on this particular topic before. But when I woke up this morning, I again had these thoughts on my mind, thoughts that needed to be set free.

Very seldom does someone read what I write, but whether they do or not does not concern me. What does concern me is that I should get these jumbled ideas out of my brain so that others can take their place. So, if you desire to know what I have been thinking, read on. Otherwise, go about your day and let me be.

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The Dumbing of America

It amazes me that so many people in this country think that the COVID-19 pandemic is a left-wing, or right-wing conspiracy. Or, that it’s a conspiracy at all. What has happened to the people in this country? Did they get dumb overnight, or has it been a slow progression that I am just now becoming aware of?

First, before we get into the COVID issue, and the vaccine versus no vaccine fight, I would like to point out an article I read this morning. I’m not sure how to take it. I’m not even sure I can process the information in it. Here, read it for yourself, and then, maybe, you can enlighten me.

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Well, Would You?

What’s he up to now?

Sometimes, I think I think too much. Or, maybe it’s that I read too much. Yeah, that’s it. I blame it on the reading material. We all know that I don’t think enough as it is.

Some of the little bit of thinking I do has led me to consider whether you would, or would not. Say, what? That’s right. I just want to know if you would or would not. Would or would not what you’re probably wondering. Well, read on. You’ll understand in a minute, maybe two.

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