And, The Answer Is…?

IMG_20181110_150215991_FotorHow we see the world and our place in it defines who we are. Not only that, it influences how other people see us and who they think we are. It also determines how they relate to us and how we relate to them. Not everyone is the same. We all know that. So we should not expect that we relate to everyone in the same way.

Like me, I’m sure you’ve heard of the Golden Rule. It’s been handed down through history so that we might be given the opportunity to live a better life. It impacts how we treat others and how they treat us. Our relationships are greatly influenced by this rule and even more so by how we think of ourselves in comparison to others. Continue reading

Let’s Kill A Few

Everyday we read about people who have died tragically. It seems to be a way of life for anyone who labels themselves “human.” Humans are responsible for all kinds of violence inflicted upon other humans (non-humans as well, but that’s a topic for another time).

Violence resulting in death. Everyday! It runs the gauntlet of human depravity. All the way from genocide in Africa to home invasion in Ohio. From cartel killings in Mexico to honor killings in India. Too many ways to count.

And now we see even another way. It’s not wanton killing as such, but death results, nonetheless. Are humans responsible? Oh, yeah. No doubt about it. We may not have knowingly and willing begun the process, but we sure as hell are perpetuating it.

What am I talking about? I know that thought is jumping around in your overtaxed brain. And once you find out what’s on my mind, you’re not going to care anyway. That’s life, and I accept it. But, can you live with it? Continue reading

Is There Time?

I’ve been wondering if there is still time to live up to a promise that was made. It’s going to be close. Cutting it this close to the wire is…well, shall we say foolish? The following was broadcast in November, 2016. As you well know, 3 1/2 years later these promises have not been kept. Is there still time? Continue reading