Let Me Think For You

We, as humans, must learn to think. That’s where the problem lies. We are never taught to think for ourselves. First, our parents tell us what to think, then, school tells us what to think. Then, some person in authority tells us what we should be thinking. Oh, and don’t forget about the people on TV who talk just to hear their lips rattle. Thinking takes work, and people are lazy. Why not let someone else do all of your thinking for you? It’s easier that way.

What I am about to write will cause the reader to think, so you should stop here. Hell, I should probably stop writing, because to write what I am about to write could cause my head to hurt due to being overworked. As I wrote in the opening paragraph to this soapbox approach to thought-provoking, hopefully hell-raising, ideas, thinking takes work. People are lazy. Why think when your thinking can be done for you by others?

So, let me do some thinking for you.

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What The Hell Am I Paying For?

105328002_2361424180827766_5174902614749064381_nAs usual, I had a little trouble sleeping last night, and when I got up I had a thought in mind that I’d like to share. Actually, it was a question I’d like an answer to.

Each month, as I shell out money for my health insurance I wonder what the hell am I paying for. I visit a medical professional once a year just so he can tell me that I need to take better care of myself. I let a young lady draw blood from me just so that she can pass along information to the aforementioned medical professional so that he’s got proof that I need to take care of myself. Year after year, he keeps telling me something I already know. I politely listen to him and then go home and continue to live the way I’ve been living for many years. It seems to have done me okay so far. Continue reading