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A wandering fool that wonders what the hell is going on in the world.

Let’s Go To War. Is That It?

I showed a neighbor of mine the picture you see here and the first words out of her mouth was, “If there’s any spanking to be done, I wanna be first.”

I replied, “Mae, you’re 83 years old. Nobody is going to spank you.”

“No? Then, how about I spank you?” she declared and came at me with the fly swatter.

I ran to protect myself. I didn’t think I’d have any trouble outrunning her, but it was a close call. The walker she uses has wheels. Big, fast wheels. I had a helluva time staying a step ahead of her.

I say all that to say this:

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I need some help in my attempt to understand something I’m not sure is understandable. Hear me out. Earlier today, my neighbor came to me worried about what might happen when he attempts to collect Social Security. He’s only a couple of years away, so he really wants to get this settled before then.

Here’s what has him worried. He thinks he’s his own grandpa. I told him that wouldn’t be of any consideration with the Social Security Administration, and, anyway, there is no way he can be his own grandpa. He explained it to me, and now I’m really confused. Maybe he is, but I’m way too confused to figure it out on my own. Maybe someone can straighten it out for me.

This is what how he described it to me:

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What If That Were Not The Case

Last night I laid awake thinking about the injustice of it all. How 2020 destroyed lives, altered plans, and changed humanity forever. After what I just finished reading I will forever look back on 2020 in a different light. For me, from hence forth, the inconvenience we faced, those of us who, thus far, have survived, will forever be just that–an inconvenience.

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