About Me

I am retired from Stanislaus County, CA where I worked as an Emergency Dispatcher, Systems Engineer, and Training Coordinator. I now spend my time doing things that sound interesting and keep me motivated. I’ve worked at a marina, a fly fishing shop, in Human Resources, as a Risk Manager, a casino worker, in food service, at a hotel front desk, as a concierge, a bellman, a warehouseman, in retail, as a computer programmer, law enforcement dispatcher, census worker, and whatever else that has come along that sounded like fun. It’s not what I do, but where I do it that counts.

I made a decision when I retired in 2005 that there is no job I cannot do if I want to spend some time in a particular area. If it’s doable, it can be done. But, there are times when I don’t care to do much of anything, and that can be done, too.

I’ve been a full-time RVer since the day I bought a 27 ft pull trailer in April, 2000. Other than a couple of three to four month stints living in a brick and mortar structure, and a few weeks taking vacations in places like Hawaii, Sedona, Lake Tahoe, Texas Hill Country, etc., I’ve been residing continuously in a recreational vehicle (even when I went back to CA to complete my 20 year stint with Stanislaus Regional 911). It’s my home on wheels. Wherever I park, it’s where I am—for a day, a week, and sometimes several months. It feels so liberating knowing that I can move anytime my heart desires. I get to meet many new friends that way.

Presently home is a 33 ft Bounder. I pull a Jeep Wrangler for those times when I just need to get away for a day or two or three. There’s no telling where you might find me, but I prefer the Southwest more than any of the other places I’ve been so far. An occasional trip into the San Joaquin Valley of California to visit family and friends, but the high desert (low desert, too, and some places where you find trees) is more home to me than any city I’ve lived in thus far. There are a couple of places I prefer more than others. One being Northern Arizona, and the other being West Texas (specifically Big Bend). But, Austin and the Hill Country is pretty nice, too, as is Utah, Wyoming, Nevada, and many more places. If you’re in the area look me up. We’ll sit around and regale one another with our tales of travel.

The economy has made a dent in the way I used to live. Because of what happened to this nation a few years ago, I am forced to work more than I really care to. But, it’s all good. I find spending an extended period of time in a spot allows me the opportunity to get to know the area and the people. Maybe one day I will get back to working only four or five months out of every summer on a semi-regular basis, or not working at all. Meanwhile, it’s time to enjoy where I am.

You may not be able to find me where you think I might be when you think I might be there, but you can always find me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter.

About This Blog

This is a continuing work in progress. It is the ramblings of a wondering fool with too much to say and not enough on his mind. Or, maybe too much on his mind with not enough time to say it. Well, anyway you consider it, this blog is about what I have to say, when I want to say it.