More Thoughts on Life

I’ve written on this particular topic before. But when I woke up this morning, I again had these thoughts on my mind, thoughts that needed to be set free.

Very seldom does someone read what I write, but whether they do or not does not concern me. What does concern me is that I should get these jumbled ideas out of my brain so that others can take their place. So, if you desire to know what I have been thinking, read on. Otherwise, go about your day and let me be.

Humans are moral creatures. All you have to do is watch children at play to understand that. It’s not until later in life that they pick up the bad elements that follow them around like a dark cloud, attempting to envelop everything counter to what they were born with.

Whether you agree with the teachings of Jesus, follow the Buddhist way of life, have grown into the Jewish or Muslim way of thinking, are a Taoist, Zoroastrian, Rastafarian, Atheist, or a member of any one of the numerous religious sects that dot the earth, you should understand that morality is the basis for all of them. How we live our life, and treat those around us is what makes us who we are, and what we should be, based on the ideas we’ve fostered during our lifetime.

Something that concerns me is how humans treat one another, and how they treat their home—Earth. I keep abreast of news from around the world, and many things I read display how countries, cultures, and people treat those not like themselves. If you take notice of such things, you can witness it in your own country, even in the city you live in. You don’t have to travel to another part of the world. Just look around.

I can only speak of that which I know firsthand, those things I see around me. But, reading about other areas of the world, and other cultures, I know what I witness here, occurs in the rest of the world.

Do people actually care about things outside their own realm of existence? If it does not affect them personally, do they even take notice? For the most part, I think that answer is no.

You’ve got a roof over your head, and food on your plate. Does it cross your mind there are millions of people who do not have the luxury of spending a night out of the elements, or that millions of children go to bed hungry each night? That thousands, if not millions, will die each year for lack of food, and clean water? What of the child who is born in a war-torn country, and spends their life growing up in fear that tomorrow may never come? Or those who live in a repressive society? Will they ever know the peace of living day to day without the fear of losing what little freedoms they have?

There are people in every country, culture, and society who strive to better themselves through the acquisition of material things without considering the hordes who would only like to have the basic needs to survive another day. With that in mind, I ask you:

Can your peace of mind be attained through the acquisition of material things? When you leave this plain of existence, will you feel comfortable in knowing that you have done all you can for yourself, and have had minimal concern for others who have not been so fortunate?

We all know that when a person dies they leave behind their material things. That goes without question. It’s a proven fact. However, do they take their knowledge with them? Does what they learn while they are here travel with them to their next level of existence, if there is a next level of existence?

I know that living my life attempting to gain those material things I cannot take with me is futile. But, the idea that what I have learned, and the reality of helping someone along the way, and attempting to live a life that combines the morals of the teachings of great men throughout time, travels with me is an intriguing thought. I will only know of that when my time has come to leave this life, but if I am right, then I have benefited. If I am wrong, what have I lost?

Throughout history, a person can read the teachings of great men and women, and what they had to say about love and compassion. Jesus spoke of such a thing. The Dalai Lama teaches it. Muhammad preached it. It is a way of life for the Buddhist. Do not the Taoist strive for peace and compassion? Bob Marley sang about love, as did John Lennon. Even Rodney King uttered no truer words when he said, “Can’t we all just get along?”

So, let me ask you again, “Spending your life trying to outdo your neighbor with all the ‘things’ you can acquire, or all the money you can put in the bank, will that make you a better person than the one who spends their life doing good for others? Will it matter when you face your maker?”

Shouldn’t we spend our days trying to make life better for just one other person? Just a smile might give that person hope. A kind word might improve their day. I’m not advocating giving up the way of life you have carved out for yourself. I’m only asking that you take the time to acknowledge the existence of another person through an act of kindness.

Don’t stop there. Think about what your actions are doing to your home. “My home?” you ask. “I have a beautiful home,” you say. “I keep it up so that I might have a place to live as I get older, and a place my children can enjoy during their time there. I acquire all this “stuff” so that I can live a comfortable life.”

I’m not talking about that home. I’m talking about the planet on which we reside.

We don’t own this earth. In this country, we don’t even own the land on which we have built our home. As proof, don’t pay your property taxes for a few years, and see what happens. No, you can only lease your small piece of land for a short time, for that short time you are alive. A change in the government that controls your country could be devastating to your way of thinking, your “ownership” of your home, not to mention your way of life.

I’d like everyone in the world to understand that we, I mean Humankind, are caretakers of this planet. We borrow it from our children so that we might live, and leave it in as good, or better, condition than when we arrived. If we don’t do that, our children have nothing to live for, and no place to go.

As I consider what is happening in the world today, I fear our descendants will not be able to enjoy the earth as we have. We are destroying that which we should be protecting, not just earth, but the lesser animals who depend on this world for their existence, as we depend on them for ours.

I’ve probably said more than I should. Do I feel better for saying it? No. My words mean little in the life of others. People, and I mean people in every country around the world, will live life the way they think is best for them, whether that life is about themselves, their culture, their country, their religion.

We, once again I refer to Humankind, will continue to kill one another for those ideas, and ideals, and not concern ourselves with the fact that we all must live on this planet together. That togetherness should be harmonious. Without living by the morals we were born with, we will only succeed in destroying that which we should be protecting, our own existence, and our planet.

I’ve said enough.

Good night, Mrs. Jackson, wherever you are.

2 thoughts on “More Thoughts on Life

  1. Excellent read my friend, I’ve tried to instill in my kids what my parent instilled in me, wealth can if not properly used can be the root of evil, hard work never killed anyone, I’ve done manual labor all my life and have tried to teach my son the same, with that I have learned I can repair most thing around the place that go wrong, whether it be an electrical or plumbing
    I can fix it myself problem I can repair it myself…….


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