Life Is A State Of Non-Suicide

Whether you read this or not matters not to me. It is something for the more evolved, and not something the average individual will be interested in. Hell, as it is the average person chooses to ignore that which they face daily. They consider life, and never what comes before it, and seldom what comes after it.

You see, life is that moment of existence between two voids. When we think about, if we even take the time to think about those two voids, why do we expend our energies on the latter, and never consider the former? It boggles my mind to think that nothing came before birth, but so many people think there is something after life. Why only one, and not both?

To live and die being duped into believing something one can never know is the greatest sin ever committed on humankind. That I believe in my soul.

Life is a risk for the living. There is no risk in death. As we know it, it’s final, and cannot be changed. Very few consider the question if there might, or might not, be a meaning to why we’re here. Is life really worth living? The reward of the dead is to die no more. What is the reward for the living? Surely, it is not just to die.

Does one get to choose their life, or is it chosen for them? If they do not like what has been chosen for them, can they change it? It’s for certain they can end it, but can they really change it? Don’t try to convince me the only goal of being in this world is just birth, life, death. Can there be more we are not aware of? Can we choose what our life is going to be?

But, maybe there is no ultimate goal of life. Unless proven otherwise, I am of the notion we are born into this world to do nothing. We are just a higher form of sloth. That is all. If you don’t like that conclusion, stop now. You definitely will not like what follows.

Can anyone ever recover from their birth? The shock of being forced into a world not of their choosing? Does a person sub-consciously choose a way of life that leads to the destructive nature of the life they are attempting to enjoy, or does that destructive nature manifest itself in the physical, and/or mental, illnesses that hasten its destruction, thus fulfilling the prophesy of life fulfilled?

How often does a person ever consider the idea they know they will eventually die? It’s doubtful that other animals, whether they be mammals, reptiles, birds, or fish, know they will die. That knowledge is granted to only humans. How do we face it? Or do we choose to ignore it until the inevitability is upon us?

Unlike life, death is very exact. Life is the great unknown. After birth, anything is possible. Death is pretty much the absence of life as we know it. Death is exact in that respect.

Even in a totalitarian society, a person has a freedom that can never be taken from them—the freedom to die, the freedom to bring death on themselves. It’s a freedom that no one can take from another person. It cannot be guaranteed, nor can it be withheld. So, maybe suicide is the answer? The problem with that is suicide is a sin. Why? Can it be the ultimate answer to life, and then death? You get to choose. Is it a sin because the perpetrator of such an act cannot be saved? Saved from what?

E.M. Cioran, in A Short History of Decay, wrote, “Life is a state of non-suicide.” He also asked the question if a man does not know when he will die, can he ever decide how he will die? If we think about that, then what of the individual who considers that the barrel of a gun is not an unfriendly sight? Are they fulfilling the prophecy of life, birth, death before living is done with them? Do they cheat death, or has death cheated them?

Albert Camus made the statement, “There is only one really serious philosophical problem, and that is suicide. Deciding whether or not life is worth living is to answer the fundamental question in philosophy.”

So, again I ask, “What is the purpose of life?” Surely, there is more to it than just death.

The only way to overcome the fixation with death is to live life to its fullest, to not evade the ups and downs life throws at us, but to embrace them. For you see, the goal of life is nothing more than to live it, while the goal of death is nothing more than to end life. The choice is yours.

Good night, Mrs. Jackson, wherever you are.