Kayla Ray

Kayla is a singer/songwriter from Waco, TX. She composes and sings beautiful traditional country music. And, even better than that, she’s a great person. I’ve met her, and can vouch for her originality. Her caring soul is a fresh voice in today’s society.

Kayla is attempting to record another album of original music. If it’s anything like her other albums, it will not be disappointing. Now, however, she’s asking for help from her fans. I’ve never been part of a project that produces a music album. I can say now I am. And, on Kayla’s behalf I ask you to join me, and many of her fans in helping her out. You will not be disappointed.

Support Kayla’s new album.

If you remember, Kayla is the singer in a book I self-published early last year. I used the titles and lyrics from the songs on her first two albums to create the story, a story of love that has been left behind.

You can find that small book here, if you’re so inclined.

Good night, Mrs. Jackson, wherever you are.