How Long?

How long do you think before this country is in a full-fledged civil war? Or has it already begun? I doubt many people have read this article, or will take the time to read it. It’s very enlightening, but only to the enlightened:

I’m approaching the end of my time on earth, but I am afraid I may be here long enough to witness the destruction of the the American way of life I grew up believing in, the democratic process that has been what is the United States of America. We can no longer claim that title. We are no longer united.

Our elected officials are no longer worthy of the positions they hold, and the citizens of this county, both left and right leaning, no longer understand the importance of sending competent people to Washington to represent them. In order to save our nation we must come together as a society, and demand that our constitution again become the bedrock of our existence as a nation that the rest of the world respects, and looks to for guidance during these unsettled times.

No, I think we may be doomed as a “democratic” society. It was fun while it lasted. I fear what the replacement will be.

Good night, Mrs. Jackson, wherever you are.