It’s Time To Make A Change

I have just read an article on the average age of the senators now serving in the U.S. Senate. It’s no wonder our country is going to hell at a rapid pace. The place is full of a bunch of old white men who think they can fix a problem they created. Why don’t they pack up, go home, sit in their rocking chairs on the front porch, and reminisce about the time when this country was great?

Ladies and gentlemen, if you haven’t noticed, this country is not as great as it once was. And, who do you think started the ball rolling down the hill? I won’t answer that question for you. I think you already know.

Okay, maybe it wasn’t only a bunch of white guys that got the ball rolling. I’m sure there were some people of color who helped out, and some women, but right now they all have one thing in common. They’re old. The average age of a senator is slightly more than 64 years of age. There is only one person in the senate that is younger than 40. That means there are too many in their 70’s and 80’s napping their days away while the hired help do the work.

The problems we see in this country are many. It’s time we stop trying to fix them with the same old ideas that put us in the situation we’re in right now. It’s about time we try out some fresh, new ideas, don’t you think?

Our current senators want to stay in office, because it’s where they went to get rich. It’s where they get to enjoy all those perks of office that they’ve become accustomed to. It’s a place where hard work has taken a backseat to three hour lunches, extended vacations, and short work weeks. It’s time to let someone with ambition and thoughts of a better tomorrow try to get us back to the top of the mountain we are quickly sliding down.

Oh, don’t get me wrong. It’s just not the senators that are the problem. The president has to share some of the blame, as well as the aged justices of the Supreme Court. It might be time to put an age limit on the people who say they are trying to do best for this country. Their best seems to be falling short.

Okay, I don’t know what the answer is, but I do know that we can’t keep reelecting the same doddering fools to lead us into oblivion. We’re well into the 21st century. It’s time we stop dreaming of the future, start acting for today, and build something for tomorrow.

Here’s an idea for you to consider. Currently, there is a term limit on the presidency. Why not have a term limit for the Senate and the House of Representatives? While we’re at it, we should think about an age limit for the Supreme Court, and possibly the office of the president and any other federal elected official. Would those things solve our problems? Hell, I don’t know. I do know, though, that unless we do something, and do it quickly, the problems in this country will only get worse.

Okay, I’m done for know. Time to get off my soap box and do something worthwhile.

Good night, Mrs. Jackson, wherever you are.