The Debate That Wasn’t

Last night I did something I have never done. I sat through an entire political debate. It’s the first time I’ve made it past the 30 minute mark. This is what I came away with.

Let’s begin by saying that I am not registered as a Democrat, nor as a Republican. I am registered as a non-affiliate. I do not subscribe to the leanings of any one particular party. If we could do without politicians, I think we would be much better off. As it is, it is what it is.

Before I vote I like to see where each of the candidates stand on the issues, what they have to say, and what I think they’re liable to accomplish in the next four years to make my life better in the near, and far, future. As well as what they are going to do for this country, and more importantly how they are going to help this nation lead the world to a better future. I didn’t hear much of that last night.

After watching 90 minutes of what was advertised as a debate I came way thoroughly disgusted. That’s not entirely true. I think I was more ashamed than anything else, ashamed that we have allowed our nation to wallow in the gutter with individuals who claim to be for the good of this country, and more importantly for the well-being of the citizens of this country. Ashamed to claim that I am a citizen of a once great nation, a nation who has fallen on hard times, a nation that has fallen from the top of the mountain and is picking up steam as it tumbles toward the bottom. Ashamed to realize that our future is not as bright as it once was.

Ladies and gentlemen, that was not a debate last night. It was more of a shit-show than anything else. It was a bully who was trying to force his beliefs onto everyone within shouting distance. It was a grandfather-figure who was raised during a time when men were considerate of others, and not equipped to stand up to said bully. Oh, there was also a so-called moderator who couldn’t seem to moderate himself off the toilet, much less referee a shouting match between two men who should not have been on that stage.

What I heard last night made me sick. I won’t go into what I think about each of the candidates. Just know that I did not agree with 100% of what either of them had to say, more so one than the other.

On one side of the stage you had a playground bully who is scared. Scared of being proven a fraud. Scared of being labeled a loser. Scared of being convicted of whatever crimes he’ll be convicted of, and scared of losing the 35-40% of the public (his ardent followers) who think he does no wrong. He’s just flat out scared, and the way he covers that up is by being loud, obnoxious, over-bearing, and downright rude. Even though he won’t admit it, he’s probably more frightened of what people are going to think about him than he is concerned about the citizens he was elected to lead and protect.

On the other side of the stage you have a man who comes across as a milquetoast. He comes across as lost on his quest for the ultimate prize, that of being President of the United States of America. POTUS. That’s what he wants. He wants that title. It doesn’t matter how long he’s been a politician, he does not come across as a man who can lead a nation out of the rut it is in. He left me wondering if he is even capable of making it through his first year in office (if elected), much less four.

I’m going to say again that neither of those two men left me confident that one of them is better for this country than the other. I wonder that if elected, will either of them make it to the end of their term. Trump will be impeached, and Biden will step down due to health reasons. So, it looks like we should tune in next week to see what transpires when the two vice-presidential candidates square off. One of those two will be sitting in the presidential seat at the time of the 2024 election. Who do you want it to be?

Let’s get back to the so called debate. Everyone is wondering who actually won the thing. We each have our own opinion, and I sure know where I stand. I can’t say who the winner of that fiasco last night was, but I sure as hell know who the loser is—the citizens of this country. And the next few years are going to be rough, regardless who wins on November 3rd. So buckle up. It’s going to be a ride through hell. Let’s just hope we can get out before the devil knows we’re there.

Good night, Mrs. Jackson, wherever you are.