My Challenge To You

Here’s a challenge for you. It should be easier for the younger ones to complete. We older folks should find it a bit more challenging.

The challenge is to write your biography in 400 words or less. Mine came in at 399, but I had to do a bit of editing. Below, you can read what I wrote. Then you it will be your turn to share.


I ran as fast as I could to escape the clutches of the place where I was born and raised, only to find myself halfway around the world when halfway around the world was not a popular destination. The jungle gave way to the desert which spit me back to the valley, only for me to run back to the desert. And the rain and snow continues to fall.

I’ve had about as much schooling as I can handle, but I continue to learn. My two children helped raise me, and my two wives were happy to be rid of me. Along the way I’ve had the opportunity to face down the devil and dance with an angel or two, climb mountains, hike canyons, swim rivers and oceans, and discover that the sands of beaches are pretty much the same as the sands of deserts. I’ve helped the dead and assisted the living, and I’ve left my mark where my mark was meant to be left. And too often, my sleep comes fitfully.

Employment options have been many, but too often they have not satisfied. I’ve worked the land, analyzed that which needed to be analyzed, dealt cards, and rolled the dice. My voice has floated on the air waves, my fingers have tickled computer keys, and my knowledge has been freely given to others.

When things need to be done I’ve tried to be there to do them. I’ve roamed the streets, traveled the highways and byways, and guided adventurous souls where they wanted to be guided. I’ve tried to keep others safe, given directions to the lost, taken money, repaired the broken, logged numbers, rearranged words, and earned less than I should have. But so far, I’ve enjoyed life, at least most of it.

It’s too hard to remember the transportation I’ve owned, but I’m still in love with the back seat where I kissed my first love. Whether it be a Chevy, a Ford, a Dodge, or a big RV, you can be sure it has taken me to places I thought I might like to be, only to find there’s a place down the road where I might like to be.

There are more people I can call friends than I have the right to claim. Maybe someday I will be able to thank them for allowing me to be a part of their life.

Good night, Mrs. Jackson, wherever you are.