Can You Answer These Questions?

It’s time to answer the questions I’ve been thinking about for quite awhile: What if reincarnation is real and when you come back you have to answer for the life you’ve led today? How do you pay for those things you’ve purchased today? How do you atone for those things you’ve allowed to occur in this world?

The way our culture is, we tend to live life the way we want, now, and then expect to pay for it tomorrow, or by someone else. For us, though, tomorrow never comes. Our debt is not paid by us, but by those that follow us. Some say our debt is forgiven. Is it?

Our monetary debt, depending on what kind of debt and how it was established, can be forgiven when we leave this world. But, what of our national debt, climate change, and things like pollution, homelessness, and hunger? Are those forgiven? I think not.

What about all that stuff we throw into our landfills. Are we concerned about what it’s doing to the environment and the world we call home? It appears not.

It’s so sad that we do not live our lives understanding that what we do today can have devastating and lasting effects on the lives of those that follow us. We should all be living with this thought in mind:

We Do Not Inherit the Earth from Our Ancestors; We Borrow It from Our Children

But, we don’t. It seems that the majority of the people in the world are concerned about themselves, what they can do now, and what they can acquire now. But, what if our landlords, our children, those we have borrowed our environment from, all of a sudden come to collect? What happens if they hang an eviction notice on our door? From what I’ve seen in my lifetime, I wouldn’t really blame them if they did. And, folks, our government will not be there to bail us out. Not this time. They’ll probably be the first ones to be tossed to the curb.

Are you expecting a moving van in your funeral procession? Not going to happen. It appears that people of today expect future generations to clean up the mess and clutter they’ve allowed to occur in their lifetime. I’d label this a form of self-centered selfishness. You’re allowing the poison of your life to affect the lives of others. Is that fair? Well, is it?

Wanton waste, the irresponsible use of natural resources, the overabundance of food products we take for granted, the hoarding of items that others could use, and the hooray for me and to hell with the rest of the world, has led to the slow destruction, well, not so slow now, of our world.

Daily, people (lots of kids, more than I care to think about) go without food. Just not the lack of proper nourishment, but without any nourishment at all. They go to bed hungry, wake up hungry, and spend their daily existence searching for the meager meal that will allow them to make it through the day, only to face the same problem tomorrow. When night comes they climb into their cardboard home, abandoned car, or sheltered doorway and try to get the sleep they need in order to face another day.

From the consumption of rats in China to the soup kitchens around the world we ignore it all and continue to stuff our bodies with the garbage that has led us to the age of obesity. All the while, around the world, multitudes perish from starvation. But we don’t have to witness it, do we? Out of sight, out of mind.

When we have thousands, more like millions in the world, who lack proper nourishment and have no shelter to call home, we must admit there is a problem. All the while, material items, and in many cases food products, are collected and stored away just so that we can say we have plenty. These are items that someone else might use to make their life just a little bit easier in this harsh world. But, why should we share? We earned it, we’re going to keep it.

Recently, I heard the remark, “We don’t pay for water here.” I was thinking, “So? That doesn’t give you the right to waste what you are fortunate to have in your life.” Or, does it? I suppose that if something does not affect your pocketbook, then you don’t even think about it. It doesn’t matter that it has a devastating affect on future generations, just so long as it, whatever it is, does not negatively influence your life today.

Waste food, electricity, space, etc., why not water!

The problem begins with not caring about others, current generations or future generations. I just wish I knew how to change the behavior that has spread like a cancer in our society. If anyone has an answer, please share.

Good night, Mrs. Jackson, wherever you are.