I have a question for anyone willing to examine their own thoughts on life and what life means to them, offers them, and eventually delivers to them: Why do you expect others to think, act, and live as you do?

One more question: What do you expect from others?

Okay, just one more.

I promise this will be the last: Why do you expect others to do your bidding when you are not willing to consider where they are in life, what they want out of life, and what they are willing to do for you when your expectations intrude upon their existence on this planet?

Okay, enough questions. Now come the answers. Guess what? (Oh, no, another question. Sorry.) I don’t have the answers to any of the questions I’ve asked thus far. Only you can answer those questions.

So, what are your answers? Or, can you even answer those questions? Does your selfishness and egotistical thinking prevent you from even considering the questions, much less formulating an answer? Is it too painful to make that self-examination and find those answers?

You know, I was going to put something completely different here, but maybe I’ll get to that tomorrow. But, maybe I won’t. It will depend on how I feel and how much I want to intrude upon your inner thoughts and feelings, how much I want to interrupt your comfortable life.

Maybe I’ll expound upon this question tomorrow: What if reincarnation exists and you have to come back to what you’ve allowed to occur in the world? What then?

Good night, Mrs. Jackson, wherever you are.