Two Old Guys and A Goat

This might not be appropriate for young minds.

I’ve heard it said that you cannot have truly experienced life without suffering a little pain along the way. I don’t remember who said it, where I heard it, or even if I did hear it. Maybe I read it. I could have just dreamed it up one night. That’s highly doubtful, though, since I seldom remember those thoughts that race through my mind during those short periods of time commonly referred to as sleep. Whatever, it’s stuck with me.

Okay, let’s just forget about the pain. No, let’s not forget about the pain. Pain doesn’t have to be physical, you know. I think that the definition of pain alluded to in the first sentence should be that feeling we can only think of as completely opposite of the feeling of joy. We all know what that feels like, don’t we? Hold on, Dave. Not that Joy. The joy I’m referring to is with a little ‘j’, not a capital one. You know, the joy of a snow-cone in the park in the middle of the summer, while the sounds of children playing fill the air. That’s joy. Just me, the snow-cone, laying in the shade of a big tree so I don’t have to move often as the sun drifts slowly across a clear blue sky, while listening to the delightful squeals of children without a care in the world. Now you get the picture. The pain I’m talking about is the opposite of that feeling.

So, what do two old men have to do with pain? Have you ever been in line behind two old men five minutes before kickoff of the big game as you’re trying to get through the turnstiles? That’s painful. I can tell you that is painful. I know. I’m an old guy and I’ve been behind two older guys trying to get to my seat before the first pitch of an A’s/Giants game.

But, I don’t want to discuss those two old guys. I want to make a couple of comments about the two old guys campaigning for the presidency. One of them is going to walk away victorious after we all make our selection for which old guy is going to live long enough to not live up to the promises they made to get elected.

Four months from now we will again have elected an old man to run this country. Hell, we’ve got an old man running it now and see what that’s gotten us. But one of these old guys has the answer for what ails us as a nation. They both promise to lead us to a brighter future.

I’ve got news for you. It ain’t gonna happen. Allow me to be more grammatically correct. It isn’t going to occur. Our future is not going to be all bright and rosy like they promise. And, I’ll tell you why. Of course I am. You didn’t think otherwise, did you?

This country is currently at a turning point on the road towards its future. People are out of work, but you already know that. Prices are beginning to climb, slowly, but climb. But you already know that. People are dying from the effects of a virus for which we have no vaccine or cure. Our hospitals are running out of beds, and our health care professionals are running low on PPE. Our national debt is so high that I think most of us have given up on ever seeing a payment towards the principle. And, I haven’t even mentioned the climate problems, hunger issues, or racial tension. But, you already know all of this.

But, everything is going to be okay. One of the old guys campaigning to spend the next four years in the White House is going to shine the light and show us the way. They’re going to fix our problems.

So, who should we blame for our problems? Should we blame the current old guy sitting at the top of the hill for the shit rolling down the hill? Not entirely. I think we should be blaming a bunch of old guys for the crap. This country went through a major change during that period of time between 1965 and 1975. I don’t want to get into all the details, but if you didn’t live through it, then do a little research and learn about it. Or, just trust me (I might be an old guy, but I’m not one of those old guys who had a hand in directing us towards the pile of crap currently consuming us).

The only good thing about all of this that I can think of is that we have two old men who are promising to dig us out of this pile of crap that we are being buried in.

There’s one problem to that. The generation that these two old men are members of are responsible for the situation we’re in. They had a hand in it, too. Hell, we’ve all had a hand in it.

“How can you say that?” you ask.

We’ve continued to vote the same damned idiots into office over and over (men and women of the legislative and administrative branches of the federal government). We’ve fallen for their promises time and time again. By now we should know them by heart. Why we can’t get it through our heads that the majority of the legislation they wave in front of us is not so much for our good, but for theirs? But we continue to allow our elected officials to make the rules and regulations and then change those rules and regulations when they are no longer of benefit, not to us, but to them.

When we keep electing politicians from the generation that got us into this mess over and over, how can we expect a different result? We can only expect to be buried deeper and deeper under that pile of crap they say is good for us. It’s time we let those much younger and with fresh ideas have a shot at fixing that which was created by the current old folks we keep electing to fix this country. Let’s let the young people have a go at fixing the problems the old people created.

Never again do I want to see two 70+ year olds square off for the presidency. It’s time to sit in the shade and let the younger generation have a go at it.

Good night, Mrs. Jackson, wherever you are.