Shall We Play It Again, Sam?

DogFaceLet’s take a walk back in time, just you and me. We’ll enjoy a stroll through the annals of history, hand in hand we’ll meander along enjoying the beauty of our surroundings and the comfort of our past. It’ll be fun. Just a short walk. You won’t even have to pack a lunch. Hell, if we’re gone that long, I’ll buy lunch. But, we eat at a joint of my choosing. Care to join me?

Close your eyes and open your mind. What you are about to see and experience is a part of our past that few care to visit. It might cause you to think. Then again, maybe it won’t. It could cause you to examine your own participation in the events in our past that we are about to confront. Then again, maybe it won’t. So, buckle up. It’s about to get real.

If you’ve been reading this blog long, you’ve probably figured out that I don’t have much love for the people that seem to keep getting elected to public office at the federal level. I might even think the same way at the state and local level, but for the time being I’ve concentrated my thoughts on Washington, DC. A good number of these folks don’t start out as politicians, but it sure doesn’t take long for them to lower themselves to that level of existence. They begin to conduct themselves in a fashion that will get them reelected to office. It’s not about what they can do for the citizens of this country, but about how they can keep their job. Kiss the right….never mind.

During this particular look at the mess we have in our capital I’d like to concentrate our efforts on the office of the presidency. For the life of me I can’t decide who the best president has been during my lifetime. There’s been 12 of them, but I think we should step back and look at the last 14. That’s a good round number, don’t you think? Fourteen. Kind of has a ring to it.

Let’s not even look at individuals, but at parties. Not the Covid parties of Alabama, but the political parties that rule this nation. There are two of them. We all know that.

You decide which party has been best for this country, because I have a problem with both of them. Once you’ve done that, then you can decide which president has been best for this country, because I see massive problems with all of them. They conduct business in a fashion to better their chances at reelection, and cement in place their legacy that will haunt us for time immemorial. Or they do so for their own self interests and what is best for their party of choice, and not what might be best for the people that elected them.

So, here it goes:

          • Democrat (Roosevelt)—Pulled us out of the Great Depression by steering the country down the path of socialist programs. Along with the race away from the democratic society our Founding Fathers envisioned, the increase in the national debt was beyond comprehension of the common man. Buckle up, Buttercup. It gets worse.
          • Democrat (Truman)—Dropped the bomb. To this date, the only country to ever do so.
          • Republican (Eisenhower)—Built out the interstate system (among other things), benefiting from the highest taxes on the wealthy that this country has ever seen
          • Democrat (Kennedy)—Led us out of the Bay of Pigs and into Camelot. Convinced us to shoot for the moon. We all learned to hide under our desks, because the bomb could arrive at any moment.
          • Democrat (Johnson)—Vietnam war, nationwide riots, Civil Rights Act.
          • Republican (Nixon)—Vietnam war, Watergate, resignation.
          • Republican (Ford)—Can you say pardon?
          • Democrat (Carter)—444 days. A botched raid and eight soldiers who came home in caskets.
          • Republican (Reagan)—When he left office he described the U.S. as a shining city on the hill. Economic plan that has steered this country to embrace our economic policies of today and has led to massive debt. Convinced us to enjoy today and pay for it tomorrow. To hell with future generations. Just do it now and let someone else worry about the payments when the bill comes due.
          • Republican (Bush)—“Read my lips. No new taxes.” What he really meant was KNOW new taxes.
          • Democrat (Clinton)—Balanced our budget and began paying on the principal of the national debt by cutting large portions of the budget, necessary things like the military, and many of the alphabet organizations that populate the swamp. It eventually led to 9/11.
          • Republican (Bush)—Brought us back from 9/11, and the brink of destruction. Led us into a war that has lasted 19 years. Also took us to battle in a country with WMD’s that didn’t exist, and then declared victory before victory was secured.
          • Democrat (Obama)—Another pseudo-socialist program we refer to as ObamaCare. The continuation of armed conflict in the Middle East and Afghanistan. But, he did get Osama bin Laden. Had to get reelected to do it, though.
          • Republican (Trump)—Has overseen the extinguishing of the shining light of the city on the hill. Made promises not delivered upon (the wall, a better healthcare system, immigration reform, better trade deals). Precipitated the eruption of racism that we were led to believe had been dealt with fifty years ago. Made a mess of a pandemic. Protesters in the streets. Turned a blind eye to Russian bounties on US soldiers.

Do you see a common theme here? No? Look again. They’re all men. Like true patriots, at least they claim to be men (a couple of them I’m not too sure about). Maybe they’re just the wizard behind the curtain, deluding us into thinking that they’re something they are not.

It’s beyond time that we should have a woman running this country. Hell they’ve been doing magnificent things since the beginning of time. They can give life to future generations while running a household, make a home for a family, keep a man happy (some of the time), and hold down a full-time job. There have been women throughout history that have done quite well: Cleopatra, Golda Meir, Margaret Thatcher, Angela Merkel, Jacinda Ardern to name a few. Even Eve discovered a delectable fruit. It’s surprising what a woman can accomplish if given the opportunity.

What do you think? Elect another Republican to screw things up? Elect another Democrat to screw things up? Elect another man to screw things up? Elect another old guy to screw things up? Elect another young guy to screw things up? How about we step into the 21st century, have the men show some balls and step aside, and we elect a woman. Let’s see what she can do. Can she do any worse?

You do realize that if we keep electing the same old idiots, we can never expect different results? Things kind of work that way.

So, “Play it, Sam. Play As Time Goes By.”

Good night, Mrs. Jackson, wherever you are.

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