Do We Really Need This?

14956010_374453912893391_2805431565215699275_nThis is something I believe in. Whether anyone else believes this way or not, I don’t care. This is what I believe. If you’d like to read what I, deep within my soul, think, then please read on. If you don’t want to allow me to share my belief with you, or you just don’t care, then move along. It matters not one bit to me.

What this all comes down to is that I don’t care much for politicians. I never have, and I doubt I ever will. You say I have a closed mind? I probably do, but I don’t care. The mess we have in our nation’s capital, and have had for many years, is destroying this country.

Several years ago I put on a uniform and swore that I’d go as far as to give my life to protect the constitution and the freedoms it guarantees to each and every one of us. I went places I would probably not go today, and did things I know would not do today. Why? Because I was young and less knowledgeable than I am today. Because I thought it was the right thing to do. Would I do it again? In a heartbeat. Would I do it today if I were asked? I’d be first in line. I may question more the things I was asked to do back then, but I’d still rush to take my place in line. I believe in what our Founding Fathers established and I’d fight to defend it. And, I believe that what we have in Washington, D.C. is not what our Founding Fathers wanted.

Back when I put on a uniform and marched off to do what so many are unwilling to do, just as it is today, the voters had sent to Washington, D.C. people they thought would do a good job, the job of making their lives better. Let me take that back. In many cases this was not that the voters thought that the people they elected would do a good job of representing them, but that they thought the people they elected were just the lesser of two evils.

This is not how it should work. This is not what our past was. This is not how our future should be. But it is what it is today, and it needs to change. In order for our country to survive this process that has become our normal, we must return to the ideas and ideals that Jefferson, Hamilton, Franklin, and all the other signers of the Declaration of Independence envisioned. We must change. However that change comes about, so be it.

I will forever stand with the Founding Fathers of this great nation and the fact that they founded it on principles that we have seemed to have forgotten. In order to establish and maintain these principles they envisioned, statesmen, not politicians, should be leading us into the future. What I’m saying is that these great men that founded this country did not ever think we’d have career politicians in the Senate, in the House, as our President. They did not see people serving this country would use it as a way to further their own interests. They did not think that men (and now women, too) would ever spend their entire life as an elected official.

The men that established this nation thought that our government should be run by working individuals, the citizen politician. People who would serve for the benefit of their fellow man and then return home to their farms and businesses. Home to their families and the life they had put on hold while they did the duty they believed they were bound to do. They did it for the benefit of their fellow citizen, then stepped aside and allowed someone else to do their duty.

We don’t see that happening today. It’s all about getting elected to a public office and sucking on the tit of society as long as possible. And then going home to live a comfortable life continuing to feed at the public trough. It’s called a retirement plan that would be classified as one of the best, if not the best, in the world. It certainly beats the hell out of what the majority of the people have available to them. How did that come about? Well, folks, we allowed the damned crooks to give it to themselves. The citizens of this country have never been given the opportunity to hand it to them. The elected officials just took it. That is not something that someone with the best interest of the country would do. That is not something that this country was founded on.

So, let me say again that I detest politicians. Give me a statesman, or stateswoman, to serve my interests. How do we make that happen? Well, there are a couple of things that must change, a couple of things that must be established.

First of all, get rid of PAC’s. Secondly, lobbyists must be outlawed. And thirdly, establish strict term limits. Then we put all of our elected officials on the same retirement plan the rest of us depend on—Social Security. We don’t stop there. Their health plan should be the same one that the senior citizens of this nation depend on—Medicare. These are just a few things to get us started. I’m sure we can all think of a few more along the way that might improve the situation in Washington.

Will things be easy? Not one bit. These pigs at the trough are going to fight back. They will do whatever it takes to keep what they have. Folks, we have them outnumbered. By a large margin we have them outnumbered. But we can do this. The question is how to go about it.

Maybe it all comes down to something no one wants to see occur. Allow me to quote from a man that we all should be familiar with:

“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” (Thomas Jefferson, 1787)

If that is to be, then so be it. But we cannot continue along the path we’re walking. It’s destroying our country. It’s time to replace the politician with the statesman. Think about it.

Good night, Mrs. Jackson, wherever you are.