Is This Inconvenient, Or What?

Folks, whether you know it or not, we’re in the midst of World War III. This time, though we’re fighting an enemy we can’t see, and every country in the world is on the same side against this enemy that attacks indiscriminately. It does not care who, where, or when. It finds an unsuspecting victim and does its thing. And we have not found a way to effectively fight it, yet.

Now, you may ask why this is inconvenient, and not downright frightening. I, like much of the media, used the headline to grab your attention. Is this war we’re fighting inconvenient? For some, yes. Is it frightening? For all it should be. Allow me to enlighten you.

There are people in the world whose life has not changed because of Covid-19. They’re introverts on a fixed income. Some of them even have underlying conditions like PTSD. They like to be alone. They prefer not to be close to others. They have few close friends, and that does not concern them. They prefer it that way. And the only time they notice that there is a problem is when they read the news, or have to venture outside of their comfort zone. So, it is a little inconvenient that their routine is disrupted.

Then there are some people in the world who are only inconvenienced because they cannot socialize as they have in the past. They must stay home much more than they’re comfortable with. They have a fixed income that has not been affected by the economic woes they are facing. They can do their shopping from the comfort of their couch, but they much prefer to travel to the store and spend the day browsing the aisles of their favorite shopping havens. They enjoy gathering with others. Spending too much time alone actually frightens them.

The people in the world whose lives are really disrupted are the ones I am concerned most about. They pretty much live paycheck to paycheck and now their income flow has been interrupted. For the most part, they need to get out and about so that they can survive. Now they are forced to stay home with an unknown future. They are the ones most inconvenienced. They’re the ones we should be thinking about day in and day out.

Have you even considered the homeless? What about those people living on the street, or in their cars out of necessity? They live in close proximity to others, in an environment where our enemy, Covid-19, can attack at will. These people have never had adequate resources available to fight disease, and now even those resources have been cut.

This virus attacking humankind is being fought by a limited force. Our healthcare professionals are forced into the trenches with dwindling supplies to keep themselves safe. And any new supplies are hiding in the unknown future. When their ranks dwindle, these people cannot depend on replacement troops that have been held in reserve. They don’t exist. And we can’t train them fast enough to be of much use even if we could draft them into service.

All of this is very frightening, but the most frightening aspect of it all is that this virus will attack anybody without warning. It kills the elderly, the middle aged, the young, and the very young. It’s believed that the elderly and those with underlying medical conditions are the most susceptible, but now we’re seeing younger people fighting for their lives as well.

As of this morning, we’re approaching 700,000 cases, and have over 32,000 deaths worldwide. For many of us, these are just numbers. We have yet to experience this war up close and personal. We don’t have family members in the hospital or morgue, nor do we know anyone that does. When we do it will then be more than inconvenient. Only then will we understand what others are going through. Only then will we really understand how terrible this war really is.

As Truman Gates in Next of Kin said, “Oh no sir. You ain’t seen bad yet, but its coming.”

Good night, Mrs. Jackson, wherever you are.

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  1. What comes to my mind are lines from the past: “Going to where no man has gone before” and “You are now entering the Twilight Zone.” Does that make me a bad person?


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