Just Wait


I, along with the rest of the country, have been reading about, and in some cases experiencing, this coronavirus that has a firm grip on the world. It’s a scary thing to think about, especially when it’s being compared to such pandemics as the 1918 flu, SARS, Avian Flu, etc. And that doesn’t even take into account the affect all of this is going to have on the economy, not just in the U.S. but around the world, for months, and possibly years, to come.

It all became very real for me today when I went to the grocery store. I usually do my shopping every couple of weeks so I have not experienced what so many others have. Today, though, I saw it all firsthand.

Because of empty shelves it took stops at three different stores to get my usual supplies. Although others are stocking up, and hoarding, food and supplies, I am not. There’s plenty of food in this country and I do not believe I need two months worth of supplies on hand. And forget about finding room for six months to a year’s worth of toilet paper. But I have an advantage over the general public. I live in a motorhome and can move freely from one area to another if the need arises. That, though, can also be a problem in that I do not have the space to “stock up” as others can.

Here’s where it all came to light for me. I was in a grocery store and heard a child (male about 8-10 years old) ask his mother why the shelves were bare and why people needed to buy so much. Her response was, “Honey, people are scared.” That response caused me to really look at others and listen to the conversations around me. Something I noticed is the look of uncertainty and fear in most of the people. People are generally frightened.

I blame this on two things. The greatest blame should be placed directly at the feet of the president. I know he said that he takes no responsibility for what has happened, but he is supposed to be our leader. He is the person that the citizens of this country look to for guidance. They don’t have another option. This president we have is not a leader. He is telling states to find their own ventilators when he should be helping the states, cities, and individuals get through all this. He’s done nothing but spread confusion and fear among the populace.

Allow me to toss out a few examples. When a new virus was identified in China in early January and portions of that country went into a lockdown state by late January our president was not listening to the health professionals. As a matter of fact in February he told us not to worry because this was all going to go away by April. People believed him.

When President Trump eliminated the Pandemic Response Position within the National Security Council in 2018, a position established by President Bush in 2006, he set into motion the problems we now face. Since taking office in January, 2017 the president has spread more untruths than most politicians do in their lifetime. Just because he’s president Donald Trump has acted like he can do no wrong and that we should hang on every word he utters. He has no filter and speaks before he knows the facts. And since he’s surrounded himself with people who are too afraid to tell him that he’s wrong or to show him the facts or even question him about his actions he’s only got himself to blame for the situation in this country right now.

When the virus reared its ugly head in Seattle the president should have stepped up and done something. But he only told us to relax and that he had things under control. All when nothing was being done. Instead of telling the CDC to use a test that was established and being used around the world he allowed them to develop their own test. That put us well behind the rest of the world.

When President Trump addressed the nation he fed us misinformation. Investors responded in a negative way. When he held a news conference and told us that everything was under control and in just a matter of days we’d have website at our disposal to combat this ugly virus, Google responded and let us know that all of this was news to them. And they were the ones the president said was building this great website.

He’s told us that this virus will go away by April. That we’d soon be down to zero cases. That we should remain calm because everything was under control. That, basically, states, and to a greater extent individuals, were on their own. The economy will have a downturn, but recover rapidly once this diseases has run its course, so he said. But, now he’s telling us that we might have to live with these restrictions and directives the government has put on us until July or August. That we might be headed towards a recession. Which is it, Mr. President. A recovery, or a recession?

Mr. Trump, where’s all this boasting I’ve been hearing about how well the stock market is doing because of you being president? You’re rather silent on that front at the moment. You’ve done so much that the economy is the best it’s ever been because of your actions, or have you changed you mind about that particular boast, as well?

Now, there’s something I don’t think that most people consider. Even if the president declares martial law, or that the entire country is quarantined, there will not be soldiers patrolling the streets and forcing us to remain in our homes. As it is now, and even in places like Italy and China, people are allowed out of their homes to visit the grocery store. We have plenty of food in this country and we will not be stopped from purchasing it. People will not starve in their homes.

The problem is going to be 3-4 months in the future. Food will not be a problem, but what about durable goods? We’ve got plenty on the shelves now, but what happens when our reserve is used up? When the warehouses are bare? Foreign countries are not manufacturing goods at the present time because of coronavirus and when they finally ramp up they will be suppling their own citizens with products, not the American consumer. We will feel the effects of that this summer. So, if the president is correct that that we might have these restrictions in place until July or August, he neglected to tell us that we will also most likely be facing shortages we hadn’t thought about.

I said that there are two reasons for the fear and uncertainty in this country. Well, the other reason is the media. Every source I turn to I find a slightly different story, if not completely opposite of the one I just read. I know that the media is trying to keep us informed, but give me a break. They’re as bad as the president. They can’t seem to keep their stories consistent. Nor is the information the same from day to day. Is it the media’s fault? Not completely. You can’t blame them for the mixed up (mis?) (dis?) information they’re reporting. They get much of their facts(?) from government sources.

I’m sorry, Mr. President, but the buck does stop with you. You, sir, are responsible, whether you want to claim that fact, or not. So, I suppose that the confusion from the media can all be traced back to the White House. Let me ask you this—Who is the current resident of that hallowed residence? That’s who we should all blame for our current situation.

I’ve said all that to say this…WE NEED A LEADER, not what we have now. I’ve been told that the president is now acting more presidential. Really? We needed that 60 days ago. And 60 days from now. Just two weeks ago it was pretty much a foregone conclusion that Donald Trump would be reelected. It’s now looking more and more like he’s going to go down in flames. We need a leader to take his place. Currently, I don’t see one on the horizon. We’ve got seven months for someone to step forward and lead us through the upcoming disaster. If you think it’s bad now, just wait.

Good night, Mrs. Jackson, wherever you are.