Why Would You Do Something Like That?

IMG_20191015_110737954_MP.jpgWhat an exhilarating experience. In all my years, I never thought I’d be in a position like this. Well, maybe similar, but definitely not exactly like the one I am in now. Let me tell you how I arrived at this point in my life.

I drove. Yep. I drove myself here. I hope to drive myself back one day. But, for now, I’m happy to stay put.

Let me back up a little bit. I know how I arrived at this point in life. I got old. Not real old, but older than I ever thought I’d be thirty years ago. Hell, even twenty years ago. Maybe not twenty, but definitely thirty. Now that I find myself where I thought I’d never be I don’t have to drive anymore.

Let me take that back. I don’t have to drive my personal vehicle as much as I used to. Not anymore. The government supplies me with a vehicle—for work, what little work I do. I only use my trusty jeep when I want to. And, sometimes not even then. I walk. I walk to work. Well, actually, I live at work. Or, rather, I live where I work. Can you imagine that? Live and work in the same place? I’d say it’s kind of like working from home.

Alright, let’s get back on track. How did I get here? I drove. What am I doing here? That’s the purpose of this little jumble of words you have before you.

DogFaceWhat I really want to talk to you about is how you, too, can experience life like I do. No. No. No, not like I do, but the way I do. Heaven forbid if you ever experience life like I do. We’d both be visiting a psychiatrist on a regular basis and walking around with a pocket full of anti-psychotic drugs. That might not be too bad. We could share. You know. Mix and match. I could trade you a purple one for this little eggshell colored one that works wonders for your outlook on life. Maybe not yours, but definitely my outlook on everything I call life. And, if you have a pink one in your possession, do I have a deal for you. Now that’s what I would call a real adventure.

Maybe you’d like to live the way I do, though. Maybe you don’t. Having a house on wheels might not be your cup of tea. That’s okay. Maybe you don’t like a house that shakes, rattles, and rolls on a regular basis. Unless you’re in California, and then you don’t have much of a choice in the matter. Maybe you like your living arrangement just the way it is. There’s nothing wrong with that.

So, what the hell am I talking about?

I’m talking about volunteering some of your time. You answer back, “Jim, I have a full-time job. I’m much too busy to give away any free time I might have.” My next question is, “Do you have time to watch television?”

Okay, let me get serious here. We all can find a little time in our day/week/month to devote to some endeavor that needs someone like us. It doesn’t take away from your life, but adds to it. Doing something for others creates a, for lack of a better word, happy feeling inside. Plus, it helps others. There’s nothing wrong with helping someone else.

What kind of volunteering adventures am I talking about? There are more than you can imagine. I’ve volunteered at a homeless shelter, served meals at the holidays, helped those struggling to learn to read (adults and children), and picked up litter in a park (people exist who really don’t care where their trash ends up). I’ve volunteered at an organic farm, at a museum, and at a wildlife refuge. Volunteering opportunities abound.

You’re probably wondering where I found such wonderful places. Check out bulletin boards. Do an online search. Or, just walk in and ask. I’ve used a couple of websites: wwoofusa.org and volunteer.gov. Check them out if you have time, especially volunteer.gov. You might be surprised to find something close to home.

Some of the places seeking volunteers offer temporary housing. I look for places that supply an RV site, with or without hookups. Where I am now there is a three bedroom house that has been used in the past to house volunteers. I’ve seen places with bunkhouses, and even some with yurts or tents. Some places will supply meals. Others have WiFi and/or cable. There are places that offer nothing of what I’ve mentioned. All of them, though, provide an unforgettable experience.

Now, I have just one question: What’s stopping you from giving your time to make the world a better place? Get up, turn off the tv, and get going. You won’t be sorry.

Good night, Mrs. Jackson, wherever you are.