Chasing The Extraterrestrial

DogFaceBefore I begin this short shout out to my friend ALF I want to offer my apologies to the reader. If you are a follower of this blog, you will undoubtably realize that I have not posted anything in quite sometime. I will not offer excuses, but I am going to attempt to defend my actions. I’ve been busier than I really care to be.

Since my last significant post in August I have published Pinky Anderson and the Traveling Flea Circus, compiled and published The Lady In The Pink Underwear, and moved back to Moapa Valley National Wildlife Refuge. That might not sound like much to the average person, but to me it’s enough to drive an old man to a nap. And I’m still searching for that nap. Oh, and I’ve started outlining two new stories, and am currently writing a short story that is much different than anything I’ve done in the past. Wish me luck on that one.

What I want to remind you about today, in case you’ve forgotten, is that this is the weekend for the Storm Area 51 fiasco. You got that right. A bunch of idiots were (still are?) planning on storming the government’s top secret air base at Groom Lake.

It all started out as a joke on FaceBook. Matty Roberts created an event page on FaceBook and….well, read about it or do your own Google search. I want to tell you a little something that has gone on since that day in June when a bored Matty Roberts stirred the UFO pot.

The military has advised the public not to attempt to come onto the military base. Last week two young men from abroad attempted, and they were caught. If they had gone much further it could have ended worse than it did. They took the long way in. Things would have gone quicker if they’d gone in the short way. Bear with me and I’ll attempt to explain this weekend’s events while describing the layout.

Better yet, here’s the scheduled, and unscheduled, events. Tomorrow night Bud Light is kicking off the festivities by holding a free event at the Las Vegas Convention Center. This event was planned quite awhile back, but now the event organizers are attempting to grab the headlines because a lot of the other events are in disarray or cancelled. This is difficult to explain, but you will get the picture as you read on.

Initially, there were going to be three separate events planned. That went down to two when Nye County declined to issue a permit for the event at the Alien Center in Amargosa Valley on Hwy 95 (side note to keep in mind: many GPS units direct people here when they do a search for Area 51), but still Nye County has declared a state of emergency for this weekend. Someone is still expecting a few folks to show up, I guess.

The two main events were going to be held on the east side of Area 51: one event in Rachel, NV, and the other in Hiko, NV. These two places are only about a 40 minute drive on a two lane highway apart.

The event in Rachel was to have food, music, places to camp, just lots of stuff—a Woodstock type event. They were expecting 5-30,000 people. The town has a population of 50-60, so this would definitely put a strain on the infrastructure in the area. This is the event that Matty Roberts endorsed after he pulled his Storm 51 joke off the internet. The joke that a couple of million people took as gospel. Matty Roberts has now pulled his endorsement from this event and is backing the Bud Light event in Las Vegas, a late entry into the chasing the alien phenomenon. Many of the townsfolk in Rachel have voiced their displeasure with everything and have vowed to defend their property. Oh, boy. I see fireworks in the desert this weekend.

The event in Hiko is a more sedate affair with about 5,000 people expected. Hiko’s population is tallied by the dozen and not the hundreds (as in 2-3 dozen residents). There are speakers slated to talk about alien visitations and such. Both events are going to feature people touting the idea that the government is covering up something, but we all know that. Since the Rachel event is all muddled, late last week the event organizer from Hiko made the statement that he’s quite prepared to host 20,000 or so people. So, if Rachel falls flat we can all congregate in Hiko. It’s not that much further to the Area 51 gates. So, let’s all make sure we have designated drivers.

Oh, by the way, Lincoln County has also declared a state of emergency for the weekend. A multitude of law enforcement officers from afar are being brought into the area, as is fire and medical personnel. There might be an issue with food and water, but that will really depend on how many people show up. I advocate that you bring your own. Lincoln County issued permits for both the Rachel and the Hiko events. Las Vegas has had their’s for months now. We’re back to three organized, and semi-organized, events, not counting Amargosa Valley.

I sure hope an alien or two makes an appearance. The people in the tin foil hats will be ecstatic. They will have something to tell their grandkids for years to come. Take pictures.

Here’s where things get a bit sticky. The road situation might become a problem before all this is over with. Let’s start with Amargosa Valley. There won’t be many people there so the three ways into the area should not be impacted that much. You can get there from the north or south on Hwy 95. Then there is the more adventurous way through Death Valley. It’s a good thing the temperatures are dropping.

There’s only two ways into Rachel (you can’t count the road from Area 51). You can either arrive from the north or the south on Hwy 375 (The Extraterrestrial Highway). I guess you could fly in, but you’d be forced to put it down in the desert and compete with sage brush and lizards for a clean, smooth stretch of ground. And, then there’s the fighter jets that fill the sky from time to time.

Hiko is the most challenging of all. I say this with tongue in cheek, or not. You can get to Hiko from the north on Hwy 318 or Hwy 375 (the one that connects Hiko and Rachel). You can also get there on Hwy 93 from the north or the south. Oh, by the way, all the roads I am mentioning are two lanes—one in each direction. Here’s where things really get sticky. Interstate 15 is limited traffic due to construction in the Virgin River Gorge area, forcing all oversized loads onto Hwy 93. North/South traffic on that two lane road has increased dramatically, everybody in a hurry. Two days ago I happened to be traveling southbound and noticed the increase in commercial traffic on the road. And, to top it off there were more RV’s traveling northbound than I can remember ever seeing. This is the wrong time of year for RVer to be traveling north. They should be traveling south. My guess is that they were en route to Hiko or Rachel. I wasn’t about to go find out.

This is kind of where we stand right now. I’m sitting comfortably in Moapa wishing I could be a fly on the wall in Rachel this weekend. Or, maybe 40 years younger. I would have already been there.

ALF, if you’re reading this what would you say about dropping in for a visit? After a couple of beers I’m sure we could come up with a suitable plan for a quick visit, say on Saturday night about 11?

As a side note I’ve written two stories (Six Days with THE Alien and Roswell) about aliens and alien contacts in the past couple of years (featured in The Lady In The Pink Underwear), as well as included a small adventure in Pinky Anderson and The Traveling Flea Circus. Maybe I knew something before it was meant to be known?

Good night, Mrs. Jackson, wherever you are.