Killing Jesus

How do you think you’d react if everything you’ve ever been taught about something was proven false? As we progress further into the future and continue to uncover more of our past things that we once took for granted are being challenged.

Just the other day I finished reading a book that could be viewed by some as quite challenging. Others wouldn’t think so. The authors took on a topic that few venture to tackle. Thousands of years of belief are at stake, and they did not shy from the task. Many who have challenged those beliefs have not fared well. Without realizing it, they have embraced Pascal’s Wager, and it has saved them from ruin, or death.

I found the book, Killing Jesus, very well researched and written. The authors dug deep into historical accounts from 2,000 years ago to justify their writings. Did they write about a ground shattering revelation? Something that humanity has been waiting generations for? Some might think so. Others? Not so much.

My challenge to you is to read this book and come to your own conclusions. If you don’t like to read, grab an audio copy and listen to it. You might find it well worth your time. Then again, you might not.

Killing Jesus
I think I’ll tackle one of these next.



Probably Lincoln. It fascinates me more than Kennedy, what with the multiple assignations planned that night.

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