Yearend Photos

IMG_20181125_095608_FotorEvery once in awhile I come across something that I feel I should pass along. Too often we forget about the world we live on. Yes, live on. We are a part of a living organism and what we do, and how we perceive it, and treat it, means so much to its continued existence. There is beauty in this world, if only we look.

I have been complacent with posting photos of this area I now call home–forever how long that will be. So, here is just a sprinkling of what I get to see on a regular basis. Now that the holidays are almost behind us I will attempt to share more. That would mean I would have to make an effort. For you, I can do that.

Let me begin with Pahranagat. I do not reside there any longer, but I do find occasion to visit.


Winter is now upon us, but the view of Upper Pahranagat Lake is still amazing.

I can’t let you miss out on sunset at Pahranagat. This is something I witnessed daily from the comfort of my easy chair:


Sunset–the way I got to see it.

I have now moved to Moapa Valley National Wildlife Refuge. It’s a different environment altogether:


My new home

Here, sunrise is spectacular. Especially since I watch it from the comfort of my easy chair while enjoying a cup of hot coffee:


Sunrise at Moapa

Watching the moonrise, and then set, all from the comfort of my easy chair:





To end it all is just a couple of photos because I like them. However, I am thinking of converting the old truck into new living quarters. I might have time this winter if I can talk the government into letting me have it. They can put the proceeds towards the wall.

Good night, Mrs. Jackson, wherever you are.