Too Many Decisions


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt was a beautiful morning for a stroll. I wanted to see if I could count all the ducks paddling around on the lower lake. Well, I discovered I can’t count that high. Something else I found out this morning is that those danged birds can fly pretty fast. Much faster than my little camera can capture their majestic form as they buzzed overhead.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI did, though, see a red-tailed hawk, a blue heron, a couple of little birds I couldn’t identify, and, like I said, more ducks than I could possibly count. Oh, yeah. Can’t forget about the two honkers that flew overhead. And, I saw something that really concerns me.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs you probably remember, I’ve spent some time up around Rachel, looking for aliens. I should have come straight here. I found one of the danged things out in middle marsh. He didn’t look anything like the pictures, and if he brought friends, we might be in big trouble.



But, it was a good walk anyway. Even if I did have to walk down a dirt road. I’ve been on a few of those in my life, so it really didn’t bother me much.

After my little walk I decided to take a drive. Alamo Canyon Road was calling my name. I turned eastbound off Hwy 93 and found a friggin’ freeway. Just look at that beauty of a road.



The drive down that road got me to thinking. I’ll be leaving here in a couple of weeks and I have not decided where I’m going. I could go to Mesquite for a couple of days, then off to Bunkerville for a week, before driving on down to Lake Mead. Or, I could go to Lake Mead for awhile, and then backtrack to Mesquite, and forget about Bunkerville. Can’t forget about a place with a name like that. But, what about Lake Havasu? I promised myself I’d be there in January. Then there’s Kofa, but I’m going to save that for February.


These decisions I’m facing had me very worried. So, I parked in the middle of the road and wandered off into the desert to discuss the subject with a couple the local residents.

They weren’t much help, so I drove on. And on, and on. Until I came to this:


That, my friends, was the final straw. Another damned decision, and I hadn’t solved my first problem, yet.

I immediately turned around and drove home. There are just too many decisions I have to make. I need some time to calm my nerves and get my life in order. So, I’ve locked myself in my little house and don’t plan on coming out for at least an hour. Maybe 30 minutes.

Good night, Mrs. Jackson, wherever you are.