Why, Oh Why, Do I Put Up With This?

IMG_20181103_073113_FotorIMG_20181104_165126_FotorI put up with blinding sunrises, only to be subjected to breath-taking sunsets. I still wonder why I put up with all this when I could be enjoying a very nice, respectable city somewhere.

And then, I get some of the most interesting visitors. The only drawback is that they never, ever call ahead. One day they’re going to catch me in the shower. Then they’ll just have to wait patiently at the door until I get around to greeting them.


But, I do get to walk some great trails to see some very nice scenery.

And this morning, me without my slingshot. When will I ever learn that I have to leave home prepared for anything. It’s probably going to be soup for dinner.


Good night, Mrs. Jackson, wherever you are.