Ten Directions

IMG_20181018_115525414_HDR_Fotor.jpgOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIf you don’t remember, I’m currently volunteering at Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge. It is one of four National Refuges in Southern Nevada. I’ll be here until the end of November, and during the time that I am here I want to introduce you, and maybe get you interested in visiting, an oasis in the desert. To do that I will be sharing some photos with you as summer turns to autumn and transitions into winter. I’ll even sprinkle in a story or two now and then. Meanwhile, enjoy what I get to see daily.


Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend a bridge dedication at Moapa National Refuge. It is a small area dedicated to the preservation of the Moapa Dace. If you are not familiar with this tiny fish, I’ll share this photo with you as a way introduction.


Across the street from the refuge is Warm Springs. Combined, these two areas used to be a place where people came to frolic in the warm waters that bubble from the ground. Through grants and the efforts of a small staff and volunteers the longterm goal is to restore the area to its natural state. Here is a small sampling of what you will see when you visit this area. Some of these photos were taken at the refuge. Some were taken across the street. Maybe next time I’ll separate the two. This time, though, you will have to settle for what you get.


I look forward to sharing with you more photos, and maybe a story or two, of what so few people know exists in the desert north of Las Vegas. And, here you thought it was all sagebrush and sand.

Good night, Mrs. Jackson, wherever you are.