Whiskey Flats. Not Flat Whiskey


IMG_20180926_132518_Fotor.jpgYesterday when I left Walker Lake my plan was to drive straight through to Rachel, NV. That plan lasted all of 12 miles. It really surprises me how quickly my best laid plans are ripped asunder.

I have been through Hawthorne many times, and many times I have passed Whiskey Flats RV Park. It looks very new, and at the upper limit of what I am willing to pay to spend a night while on the road. But, I was in need of propane, and not knowing the Hawthorne area that well, I pulled in to ask where I might find such a necessity.

When I parked out front of the office I noticed they have a propane tank and it appeared that it was in working order. I walked into the office to ask about getting my tank filled. The gentleman behind the counter was quite helpful and accommodated my request right then. The price was right, too. During the course of our conversation I asked about rates. He informed me that with my Good Sam’s discount I could stay for $31 a night, plus the Governor’s fees, of course.


Now hold on one minute. They had everything there I needed—electricity to fully charge all my batteries, water to fill my tank, and sewage disposal. On top of that there is a Safeway within walking distance. All for $31 a night. I thought there might be a catch somewhere, but nope—$31 a night. Instead of hunting for a laundromat and grocery store, and then stopping at Miller’s Rest Stop, west of Tonopah, to dump my tanks and take on water I decided to make this very nice spot my home for 24 hours.

IMG_20180921_170501_Fotor.jpgBefore I go any further let me tell you about this place. The RV pads, the majority of them anyway, are concrete. The one I stayed at was gravel, but it could have been concrete for all the difference it made. Quite level, 60 feet in length, and very wide. One of the nicest parks I’ve ever stayed at. As a matter of fact, for the price, I will say it is the nicest RV Park I’ve stayed at in all my years on the road.

I asked the man behind the counter how long they have been in business. The park looks new. He said they have been there for 13 years. The place is kept up very well. It looks like the owners and employees take pride in what they have there. It definitely makes a difference.

IMG_20180922_174453272_HDR_Fotor.jpgI noticed a sign on the wall that mentioned monthly rates, so I asked. I was told that the monthly rate is $375. Very reasonable. I wouldn’t mind sticking around, but they are currently full. Oh, did I mention that the monthly rate includes electric and cable TV? Plus, the laundromat (again, very reasonable rate) and showers are open 24 hours. Other parks should take a lesson from this one. Stop trying to make millions off of guests who don’t want to pay millions for your piss poor service, trashy park, small sites, and lack of amenities.

Anyway, am I endorsing this park? You bet I am. Their website is www.whiskeyflats.net and their phone number is (775) 945-1800. I was told that it is best to call them (early) for reservations (no cancellation fee, either), because they fill up most nights this time of year. The place was packed by dark, but you wouldn’t know it. Lots of room for everyone—very spacious. Did I mention that it is clean and well kept?

So, when are you taking your next road trip? When you do, keep Whiskey Flats in mind. You can be sure that I will.

Good night, Mrs. Jackson, wherever you are.