What’s On The Other Side of The Tracks?

“No one has the right to complain about life because no one is compelled to endure it.” (Edward Abbey)

IMG_20180829_153112430_Fotor.jpgThere is a significance to that statement that should be evident to everyone. If you do not understand that Mr. Abbey was simply pointing out the obvious solution to an ever present problem, do not read on. Or, maybe you should go back and read it again so that you do understand its importance, then read on, or not.

IMG_20180830_081353389_Fotor.jpgI was getting ready to write a few words about what I think is an unjust situation when I came across Edward Abbey’s statement in my notes. So, those words I was in the process of transferring from my brain are not going to make it to the pages of this blog. Instead, they have been relegated to that spot just to the rear, and a little bit to the right, of my left ear. That’s the location of my thoughts trashcan. So, I’ve sent those renegade thoughts in that direction, right there along with all the other trashy thoughts I have.

I’m going to tell you about a friend I made today. It seems I come across the most interesting individuals. I think that’s why I like to travel as much as I do. I’ve met eagles and ants, squirrels and mules, and I’ll never forget about the otter I talked to one night. We had a great conversation about the poor quality of the water he was swimming in. I suggested he swim elsewhere. He suggested…never mind. You don’t want to know what he suggested.

This creature I met today was quickly transporting himself from one sunny spot, across the pile of rocks at my feet, to another sunny spot. I don’t know why he was taking the time to do something that probably didn’t improve his lot in life. I forgot to ask him. We got all caught up in the the goings-on across the tracks. It seems there are things happening over there that I was unaware of.


Anyway, when Steve stopped and said hello it startled me. I was as still as a statue and quiet as a church mouse. I didn’t think my presence would have been recognizable to anyone moving as fast as he was. That lizard can flat move. But, he didn’t have anything really important that needed to be done at that particular time, and since I looked like an educated man he thought we might carry on a inspiring conversation. Inspiring for whom? I’m not sure. I’m filled with inspiration about what I might find on the other side of the tracks. Steve left inspired just to get the hell away from me. So, who was most inspired? That has yet to be determined. Ah, I see another conversation with a short legged lizard in my future. Tomorrow? Probably not. Steve has a date for breakfast later tonight. I hope the conversation is good, and the food is even better.

Good night, Mrs. Jackson, wherever you are.