We Haven’t Learned Much in 240 Years

I’ve been working on a novel about a middle-aged man who travels the country on a motorcycle, experiencing things he never did while a younger man. He married early in life, raised a couple of kids, and now wants to find out what he missed out on. Along the way he meets someone who has some fairly profound ideas. Here are some of those ideas. If you agree, that’s great. If you don’t, I’d like to hear your rebuttal.

This country was founded by the land owning, wealthy men of the time. There weren’t too many of them, either, in this wild land of so-called opportunity. Opportunity for who? Surely not for the people that didn’t have title to land or had not been born into money. This was the land where Europe sent their criminals and unwanted—back before that little bitty island of a country in Europe discovered a much larger island they named Australia they could use for that purpose. This was the land where slave ownership, black and white, was commonplace and thought to be the right of the landed gentry. Those men that rebelled against the King of England were the most hypocritical men around. I’m not saying that this country isn’t the best in the world, but sometimes I think it could use a little fine tuning. Like right about now.

What I’m talking about is how this country was founded. Back then we didn’t have a middle class. There was rich—the one percenters—and the not rich—the 99 percenters. Maybe back then it could have been more, or maybe it was less. It really doesn’t matter. All those rich dudes were all self-absorbed men who thought they knew what was best for everyone. It’s no different than today.

Back then, though, those guys didn’t have a middle class to step on. No, sir. Those so-called patriots were born into their money, or they stole it from some poor, unsuspecting slob.

So, you see, we…I mean us, as in all of us in this country…were led a line of crap in school. Not one poor, common man had a say in what went into the Declaration of Independence, or The Constitution. The one percenters formed this country. They could have been half percenters back then, or, maybe five percenters, it really doesn’t matter. They still run this country today. They won’t tell you that in school. They have to make you believe that this country was founded by the people, for the people, and of the people. Oh, it was of the people all right, but it sure wasn’t founded for the people or by the people. It was founded by a small group of egotistical, self-aggrandized, rich men who used the rest of the people to further their own standing in the world. It was founded so that the wealthy men of the country would have a place to stand among other wealthy men in the world.

You know, in today’s class structure—yes, there is a class structure in this country still today. If you don’t know that, you’ve got to be kidding yourself. We’ve got the upper class, we’ve got the shrinking middle class, and we’ve got the growing lower class. Then there are those in government and big business with no class, and many among the rest of the classes.

Many people claim to be the middle class, but there is no set definition of what constitutes the middle class. I think it might just be a state of mind. You’ve got to be comfortable where you are, and if you have a little change in your pocket, you can call yourself middle class. No one else will, but to hell with what anyone else might think. It’s your own thoughts that are important.

Too many people define themselves as middle class, and then their goal is to become upper class. They spend their entire life with their nose to the grindstone, or kissing ass. Lots of people kiss ass as a way to better themselves in life. I saw that in the military. Some low life private kissing the ass of some lieutenant thinking that some officer, who was kissing the ass of some officer above him, might make life better for him.

So many people take the easy way out in life, and think that someone might care enough about them to drag them up another rung on the ladder of life. That’s crazy. What’s that going to get them? Longer life? Nope. Easier life? Nope. No one is going to pull you up the ladder. You’ve got to climb on the shoulders and backs of those below you so you can reach the class above you. The middle class ass kissers trying to get to the front door of the upper class have to find a way to elevate themselves to that level, and then hope someone is going to answer their knock on the door. They have to step on the people below them to get to the people above them.

What everyone tends to forget is that there cannot be a middle class without a lower class. If we didn’t have the lower class we’d only have the upper class and the lower class. The middle class would be the lower class. I guess they could be the upper class, but we’d have to get rid of the upper class first. But all that wouldn’t get rid of class structure. We’d only have two and not three. No, we’d have three and not four. There will always be the no class class. It’s inevitable. We all know those people without class. They’re in all three classes. Back, at the beginning of this country, though, there were only two classes. Or, was there three? At any rate, you’ve always got the unmentionable no class hiding among the other classes.

If we were to get rid of the upper class, I guess we could always give them the chance to join the middle class. That would make them upper class again, wouldn’t it? But, that might be okay, because we could make the lower class the middle class, and still have three classes, because we could let the no class class be the lower class without calling themselves lower class. You know, that might solve our problems.

Our Founding Fathers were so far removed from reality that I don’t think they even realized there was a lower class that they stood on to keep their heads in the clouds of fantasy they called a new country—a country of unlimited freedoms and possibilities. No, sir. They were each, and every one from the land owning upper class. They were so out of it that they wrote into The Constitution the idea that there was a group of people that were only entitled to be three fifths of a citizen just because they were of a different color. They even believed that these people were less than human. It’s something we have trouble acknowledging today. The men that founded this country…you know they didn’t even consider that a woman could think for herself. You know, that’s crazy. There are plenty of women who can think. Of course, there are plenty of men who can’t, too.

When you get right down to it this country was founded on the ideas and ideals of the one percenters who used the class of people below them as tools to further their own riches. It’s not too much different than today. The only difference between then and now is that the middle class today have their own class of people they can use to better themselves in the economic society of capitalistic slavery our culture is trapped in. Sometimes I think that might even be worse than the societal structure of 1776.

We sure haven’t learn much in the past 240 years, have we?

Good night, Mrs. Jackson, wherever you are.