A New Home Again

When you’re about 4,000 feet above a big hole in the ground, and looking down on it, that hole doesn’t look all that big. The above photo was taken a couple of days before I moved. I just had to show you what Marble Canyon looks like from above. For those of you who have seen it from the river, looking up, you know that it’s about 1,200 feet deep. There’s not too many places you can climb out. Once you’re in there, you’re in there.


The little guy on the left stopped to say goodbye. He didn’t hang around long, but he did wish me safe travels. I told him I’d be back. Who could leave the area and not return if given the chance?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy new home is at a lower elevation. I am still in the forest, but now set up at about 7,500 foot elevation. It’s approximately 27 miles north of where I was, but a world of difference—lots of pine, but no aspen. I’m on FR 205 (just off Hwy 89A) and I’ll probably be here 9 or 10 days, so drop by for a visit. There’s cell service here, so give me a call, or just show up, whatever your heart desires.

If you’ve never visited the North Rim of The Grand Canyon, you are missing out on a great experience. There are fewer people that visit than on the South Rim, and the views are magnificent. I’ve moved farther away from the canyon, but still on the Kaibab Plateau. I’m now closer to the Vermillion Cliffs, so you know there is a visit in there somewhere—I’m thinking tomorrow. I lived there a couple of years ago, and since I am so close I’ve got to go look at those lovely cliffs up close again. And say hi to a few friends.


Doesn’t my new home look nice?

I spent a night in Kanab, UT, where I did my shopping and laundry, filled up with water, dumped my tanks, fully charged all my batteries, and just generally took care of business. When you are a member of the nomadic minority you learn to do things when you have the opportunity. I am not spending a lot time near groups of people (overcrowded cities, towns trying to grow into cities, etc.) so I have to take care of necessities when, and where, I can.

Check out my journey if you get the chance–map.

As long as you are visiting the Grand Canyon sneak into Kanab, UT and enjoy a little time in a small town where they have “The Greatest Earth on Show.” I should have taken some photos of the landscape while I was there, but I kind of forgot. Take my word for it, though. The scenery is some of the best you’ll ever come across in your travels.

When you are driving north on 89A, and as you drop down off the Kaibab Plateau, you can see for miles—many miles. The colors of the red rock contrast very nicely with the surrounding desert, and the greens of the forest you are leaving. There is currently a fire near Zion, and the smoke moved into the area in the evening while I was there. It was a little hazy, but the air quality was still much better than in some of the places I’ve called home, and the majority of the cities I have not.

P7024823_Fotor.jpgMy hammock followed me to my new home and is calling my name. It keeps telling me that it’s lonely. I guess I’d better go keep it company. I have been thinking about my next stop. I have seriously been contemplating setting up near Grandview Tower at the South Rim for a couple of weeks, but this morning Great Basin started yelling at me. Now I have a dilemma I must resolve. I think I’ll let that lonely hammock of mine help me decide.

Good night, Mrs. Jackson, wherever you are.