How Can I Have a Problem?

P6244776_Fotor.jpgI’m not sure where I heard this, or maybe I read it somewhere, but if you have a problem that you need to work through, a good way to begin is to talk it out. Right now there’s no one to talk to about this debilitating issue I have going on, except myself, and I’m getting pretty bored with what I have to say. I thought that if I just shared it with you, it might help. Maybe someone can assist me in finding a solution.

I’ve decided, though, that if I spend another couple of weeks on the Kaibab Plateau, this problem of mine could disappear. With the quiet nights, the clean air, and the breeze meandering its way through the swaying trees, leaving in its wake the quaking voice of the aspen and the gentle dance of the pines, you’re probably wondering how I could have a problem. The birds wake me each morning with their song, and again serenade me each evening as we watch the day fade into night. How can I have a problem? Right?

It seems that my problem is that I’m having difficulty getting anything done. I thought that by now I’d have completed the plans I have for recreating this website, or at least completed the first draft of Pinky Anderson, or have finished telling the story of THE Alien, or, well most anything that involves some sort of effort. It’s not like my day is crowded with must-do activities. I’ve got a little free time each day. The operative word here seems to have become—little. I need to find a way to solve this problem.

Collage_Fotor.jpgHere’s where I think some of this problem lies. It’s the flowers. As I’m wandering (walking, hiking, strolling, etc.) from Point A to Point B I tend to get distracted by the different flowers that compete for sunlight with the much taller trees and bushes, or spring up in the middle of the desert that drinks water only sporadically, enjoying a quenching rain a half dozen times a year. Then there are the butterflies, the birds, and the bees, and don’t forget about the rocks. They’re impossible to photograph in flight (the butterflies, birds, and bees, not the rocks), and tough to sneak up on when at rest (especially the rocks).

P6234737_Fotor_Fotor.jpgA week ago we enjoyed the longest day of the year. You would have thought with all that daylight I would have figured out how to do something. But, each time I take a journey to the spot where I receive cell service I pass the sign that begs the question—left or right? Either way, it’s going to take me a few days to reach my destination, and the way I get distracted it might take several weeks. So, I have that dilemma plaguing me, too.

IMG_20180623_070343908_Fotor_Fotor.jpgI get comfortable in my spot, and as I wait for the computer to boot up I get distracted by the scenery before me, the vast openness of the land that stretches to the east. Some days are better viewing days than others, but I can’t say that any of the days are not worth the look. It allows for time to dream, and thoughts to form.

P6244745_Fotor_Fotor.jpgCurrently, at home there is always the pleading of the hammock that stretches unused between two very accommodating trees. It continually calls my name. All day long I hear it singing, “Jim, come keep me company. Jim, I’m waiting for you. Jim, where are you?” You see, you can’t get anything done with that kind of noise pummeling your eardrums. And then there’s the possibility of a nap sneaking in there once I get comfortable in that swinging oasis.

So I grab a book….Oh, I need to stop here and mention the books. There have been more pages than I can count that I have fondled as I have made my way through the story between the covers of those many friends I have met throughout my life. The words that jump off the pages of those books create motion pictures in vivid color that get projected on the big screen of my mind. How can anyone get anything done with that going on in your head?

P6254790_Fotor_Fotor.jpgI have so many little projects I continually put off so that I might enjoy yet another day of watching the animals of the forest, or desert, or wetlands, or just anywhere go about their daily life. I’ve learned to stop and smell the flowers, examine the many colors in the rocks, marvel at the blueness of the sky, the greenness of the trees, and enjoy the coolness of the creek. Have I inadvertently succumbed to the practice of putting off till tomorrow that which I could do today? If so, I like it.

I enjoy my life as a member of the nomadic minority. We who live this way have traded the stresses of life for the calmness of living. We have traded possessions for experiences, and turn our many experiences into pleasurable memories. We’ve transformed our bucket lists into adventure lists. And it seems that our adventure lists grow in direct proportion to our adventures. We’ve discovered that there is yet another one that awaits just beyond the horizon.

However, I’m going to delay my journey over the horizon for a couple of more weeks in the forest. Maybe it’s the living at 8500+ feet that has a affected my brain. Or, could it be all this clean air that I’ve been filling my lungs with? No telling what it’s doing to the gray matter sloshing around between my ears.

So, I’m going to make a plan for myself. It will be something I can follow along and actually accomplish things during the daylight hours that I have been wasting away. I’ll work on this website. I’ve promised that I’d do some product reviews (that solar oven is the bomb), add my views on working from the road, maybe even add a product page. I could complete the first draft of Pinky Anderson (rather unlikely, but I will work on it), finish THE Alien short story (that one’s almost done), or even read a book or two (most definitely).

I’ll keep you posted on how I’m doing, but don’t hold your breath. I haven’t created that plan, yet. Procrastination is trying real hard to obtain a foothold along this path I call life. Right now it’s down to the last two minutes in a tie game. Wish me luck.

Good night, Mrs. Jackson, wherever you are.