Alien Invasion

IMG_20180531_122911665_FotorI’ve visited quite a few places in my travels, but I get the feeling that this one might be one of the more interesting ones. It has started out, shall we say, intriguing.

The drive from Tonopah was uneventful, until I turned south on the Extraterrestrial Highway. The last time I was through this area (I did not stay) I only saw one cow. That was it. Just one lonely cow standing on the side of the road. I didn’t even see another vehicle traveling in either direction.

This time has been remarkably different. The four legged critters were everywhere. I even had to come to a stop to let several of them meander across the roadway. I’m not sure why they wanted to be on the east side of the highway when the west side looked just as desolate. And the northbound automobile traffic was intense. I passed a couple of dozen of those rolling menaces. I actually had to maintain control of my house as we rocketed (all of 62 mph) down the highway.

IMG_20180531_124746102_FotorWhen I finally arrived at the Little A’Le’Inn in Rachel I definitely needed a break. The wind was really picking up. It was moving me all over the road. Fighting to keep the motorhome in the southbound lane was a very tiring affair.

There were only a couple of people in the restaurant, so I sat down and ordered myself a burger and a Coke. When I asked about a place I might be able to park for the night so I wouldn’t have to travel any further I was directed to a large lot across the street. What a relief. I figured I could get a good night’s rest before moving about 20 miles down the road to where I want to spend a week or more.

The owner of the establishment told me about the motorcycle rally they are expecting this weekend. She said that last year there were about 200 bikes here and she’s expecting that many or more this year. When I asked where they were going to stay she said they put up tents. Everywhere. I’m most likely going to be moving on before they begin to arrive tomorrow.

IMG_20180531_121213_Fotor.jpgI’ve been here about five hours and I’m beginning to have my doubts about hanging out in this valley east of Area 51. Fighter jets have been in the sky off and on most of the afternoon. I don’t know what they’re chasing, but the roar of their engines is a bit unnerving. And the sonic booms. Wholly molly. I have forgotten what those things can do to a guy’s nerves. At least I think they’re sonic booms. I hope they’re sonic booms. They’ve got me diving for cover. I tried crawling under the bed, but the bed sits on a box-like structure that houses the slide control motor. Whatever they are I pray they end before I drift off to sleep—if I can drift off to sleep that is.

IMG_20180531_123023549_HDR_FotorOh, did I mention the aliens? I guess they show up from time to time. Supposedly there have been several crash sites around here that the government rushed in to clean up before the media could get to them. There are a few photos posted in the restaurant of suspicious “things” in the sky and what looks like wreckage. As a matter of fact, there’s an area not far off the highway north of here that looks like a huge crater. The official government stance on the matter is that it is just the way the topography is. Hell, it looks like a meteor crash site to me, or maybe a bomb went off—a big bomb. You can’t miss it when you’re driving down the road.

I’m going to hang out in the area as long as my nerves will allow. If you don’t hear from me again it’s because I went hitch hiking and caught a ride. I even have my towel all folded and ready to go.

Good night, Mrs. Jackson, wherever you are.