Do Snakes have to get a Permit to Carry?

IMG_20180523_144401823_FotorIMG_20180523_144413225_FotorYesterday I had an uninvited guest for dinner. He didn’t like what I was fixing, so he took off. Said he’d be back in time for breakfast. I said okay, and didn’t think of the matter again.

Let me tell you how he showed up. No. Let me tell you how I found out he had arrived. I had a sweet potato in the Weber and had just added a foil packet of zucchini/onion/garlic. I was thinking about the seasoning I was going to use on the sirloin I had waiting patiently to be branded by the grill. When I placed the tongs back on the table he was there. Scared hell out of me. I didn’t see my new friend when I picked up the tongs, but I sure saw him when I put them down.

Fast forward to this morning. I’m sitting out enjoying the warm morning sun and a cup of coffee when…you got it…my new friend showed up. I was not even close to preparing something to eat. I still had to wake up.

IMG_20180524_083256136_FotorWell, I guess that pissed him off, because he left the area. I kept a watch on him as he vacated my AO. I did not trust him. He would not show me his hands, so I know he had a concealed weapon.

IMG_20180524_085456861_Fotor.jpgFolks, that little SOB went and got help. It looked like his motorcycle riding uncle was going to read me the riot act. Nothing doing. I wasn’t going to put up with any such nonsense. I requested that he vacate my area, and he did.

Now the questions is–do I stay or do I leave. Suppose that slithering soul comes back with his entire steel horse riding gang? What do I do then? I’m going to have to think about that some. I might wait and see what the day brings. It could be that him and his kind aren’t too fond of this high desert heat we’re going to experience today. It’s been forecast to get all the way up to 81 before clouds build and possibly produce a thunderstorm or two. That should send them all scurrying. I think they’re afraid they might get hit by lightning. Maybe it’s not today I should worry about, but sunrise tomorrow. Isn’t that when the best time to attack is?

Damn. Let me pour another cup of coffee and think this over.

Good night, Mrs. Jackson, wherever you are.