Will My Blood Be Angry?

HeartI’ve been thinking that I should increase the amount of exercise I do everyday. Some days there’s not much of that stuff going on. So, maybe I need to even it out more—let each day have its fair share of the moisture that my body is so quick to let loose of when I even begin to think about increasing my cardio-vascular output.

The quickening of my heart at the beginning of such thoughts has brought me around to my senses. I read somewhere that the human heart is only allotted so many beats in a lifetime. That number is set sometime around the moment of our conception, or is it birth? It really doesn’t matter. We can increase that number with a little work. And, we can decrease that number with no work at all.

Somewhere in the middle lies the perfect amount of energy necessary to maintain a healthy existence during this short time we have on planet earth. If my heart beats faster with just the thought of exercise, imagine what it would do if I actually exercised. I shudder at such a frightful thought.

I bring this up because of something I just read. Yesterday I started reading the book Desperation Passes by Phil Hutcheon. At the beginning of Chapter 5 he quotes Satchel Paige. Satchel was one of the greatest players to play the game of baseball, even if he didn’t make it to the major leagues until the age of 42.

“Avoid running at all times. It angries up the blood.”

I know what the man is saying. I’ve had angry blood before. It’s not something I desire to have coursing through my body on a regular basis. I’m sure that if the blood is angry, then the heart will be one pissed off organ. That only means it’s going to beat harder and faster.

Hold on a minute. Faster? I don’t want my heart beating any faster than it needs to. It’s already used up a good portion of its allotted beats. If having angry blood means my heart is going to beat faster, you can be sure that I am going to do my best to not let that occur. So, running is out of the question, and has been for several years. I see no reason to pick up something that I dropped many years in my past. It can stay there.

So, as a means to calm my beating heart I’m going to end with this photo I took last evening.


Good night, Mrs. Jackson, wherever you are.