What a Morning

The following is a last second addition to my weekly travel email. My day did not begin quite like I hoped it would. On top of that fact that it rained yesterday, and the mountain tops are still covered with the remnants of those water laden clouds from that mild storm, I quickly came awake this morning due to what you are about to read:

“A quick update before this email gets sent. I woke up this morning (Sunday) to dead house batteries. They weren’t completely dead. They showed 4.3 volts. No, they were dead. Not even close enough to start the generator. Even the refrigerator had shut down, and it runs on propane, using a minor amount of battery power each time it clicks on. No furnace, either. (fortunately it was much warmer this morning than yesterday–all the way up to 44 degrees) Those two 6 volt deep cycle batteries that run my house should not have been that dead. It seems I had a phantom draw of power that was occurring during the night.

“So, I started the motorhome engine that powers me down the road in hopes that it would charge up the house batteries enough so that I might get the generator running and really put some juice to those boxes of lead that were now nothing more than boat anchors. I hit the disconnect switch, shutting them off completely from any sort of power draw. While they were slowly gaining some power I went in search of something I might have left on through the night. It took about five minutes and I located the sucker. I had left on the luggage compartment lights. I don’t know why they were on in the first place. I must have accidentally turned them on. An easy fix. I just turned them back off. In less than 30 minutes I was able to start the generator to charge the batteries. Life is, once again, good.”

Good night, Mrs. Jackson, wherever you are.